CPL-VM-77 Punched And Pulverized

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CPL-VM-77 Punched And Pulverized- So in this explosive clip, Arianne and Eve both decide to strap on the gloves and do an MMA style match. Now kicks, punches, grappling, and wrestling holds and moves were allowed. The match literally goes until one girl completely gives up, or if by chance gets KO’d. Eve has done a few of these matches back in the day and is quite the striker, and when on point can be a force to reckon with. They start off circling each other contemplating on who will throw the first punch. They start tossing a few jabs, then Eve tries with a kick. Arianne catches her leg then they both go to the mats. Body leg and arm punches start to fly now. Eve manages to start over taking Arianne, using some great body shots and got Arianne pinned. Putting her arms above her head removes Arianne’s ability now to strike, as Eve unleashes a barrage of body shots, as Arianne literally struggles for her life to get Eve off her.

While Arianne’s arms are pinned high above her head, Eve punches them repeatedly breaking them down, while using facesitting as well. A few more excellent rib and kidney shots, Arianne was feeling the pain with each and every hit. Arianne mustering up her strength, as Eve tries to grab her leg, Arianne breaks free. Turning the tables Arianne is on top trying to deliver body blows to Eve, but she just could not keep her contained. Eve escapes, and angered grabs Arianne and literally whips her to the mats jumping on top with fists flying. Arianne manages to barely escape finding herself on her hands and knees, Eve with her knees on either side of her head. Arianne took more rib and kidney shots then Eve rolls her into a head scissor.

Arianne was desperate to get out, as Eve’s head scissor was starting to take it’s toll on her, along with the body shots. They now are entangled, both punching each other, fighting for position. Arianne finally catches Eve in a side control arm bar literally trying to break it now. Arianne also got in a few good gut shots. Not having the strength anymore in her arms, Arianne was taking hits while holding Eve in a headlock. Eve escapes the lock, and as Arianne is face down, Eve destroys her ribs with bone shattering strikes. Arianne was totally wincing in pain, each hit stung more than the previous. They manage to get back to their feet and Arianne tries to take Eve down. That backfired as Eve gains the upper hand. From here Eve just uses face sitting,  gut, and arm punches finally bringing Arianne to her breaking point. She muffles I quit after receiving arm and head shots, Eve still sitting on her chin.  Eve slid back and flexes both her arms while and beaten and battered Arianne lay under her. This was an exhausting match for Arianne who just could not keep up to the stamina and endurance that Eve possessed.

3 thoughts on “CPL-VM-77 Punched And Pulverized”

  1. can we please get a new video where eve gets dominated? possibly with white booty and real farts? lol please?

  2. I loved Eve in this clip. She really came through with showing her dominance. Arianne was in trouble almost from the start. Eve’s punches to Arianne’s ribcage were painful to watch, and listen to. Arianne managed to trap Eve but she escaped and seemed even more upset, leading her to an almost one sided beating victory. It looked like a few times Arianne was legit scared and backed away a few times from Eve. Arianne fought hard, but Eve was terrifyingly powerful claiming a much deserved victory. She looked amazing, kudos to her.

  3. Painful blow after painful blow! Arianne being very tough hangs in there amazingly. She was able to put Eve in a nice armbar. Arianne has taken so many painful blows at this point but still wanting to get on top.
    I am still shocked how Arianne was able take those blows. One tough Arianne!!

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