CMX-TFB-45 Little Blonde Beast

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Feebee was prepared to dish out some serious punishment today on chadam, beatdown style. Keeping in mind Feebee is your perfect girl next door with zero prior training in fighting. Once she put those MMA gloves on she transformed into a completely different person. Feebee wastes no time rushing chadam throwing a kick and punches then taking him down to the floor. She climbs on his back trying to get him into a rear naked choke, all the while punching him in the head. Eventually she end up getting him into a schoolgirl pin then a facesit. She punches him in the ribs while smothering him, then delivers a few really good head shots. Feebee has one thing on her mind to either KO him, or make him quit. She continues with the facesitting and the head shots, then gets him into a forward scissor. Feebee smashes him in the head and ribs and puts on an extremely tight forward scissor. Chadam fights through going out in the scissor, as Feebee pounds away at his face.  Feebee is growing more and more frustrated as she uses different scissors to squeeze him out with, and still hitting him. She picks him up off the mats and drags him into a rear naked choke, locking one of his arms in her legs.  Feebee might be small but she possesses a lot of strength, chadam is even having a hard time surviving the choke. She continues with her non stop facesitting and punching breaking chadam down quite quickly and winding him, taking some of his fight out of him now. She even gets so angry she starts punching him calling him a fucker. Feebee was mad now. She gets on top and pins an arm down then smashes her tits in his face breast smothering him. He had to fight hard to get air, and almost went out from that. Again she drags him off the mats gets behind him to try again for another rear naked choke. He uses all his energy and resources to fend her off all the while almost getting sent into dreamland. Feebee resorts to facesitting one more time, cutting off his air, as he musters up what he can to fight back. Feebee crosses her legs in a seated smother and sits on his face punching him in the head, then pulls up on his head ramming it deep into her pussy. With no energy left, and literally no way out of this hold, chadam gives the signal that he is finished and quits. Feebee barely releases him then flips him off twice as it looks like he was not even coherent, eyes closed and not moving. Feebee really did a number on him, and size certainly means nothing when it comes to pent up aggression and anger, that Feebee obviously used to unleash on him.  



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