CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO

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Published: 2020-05-08
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1x1-pixel CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO
1x1-pixel CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO
1x1-pixel CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO

CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO  Arianne is pitted again against the tough Eve. Although Arianne has a bit more experience than Eve, in this match she struggles extremely hard to even get one move on Eve. Once they hit the mats, Eve climbs on top, it is pretty much game over for Arianne. No matter how many times she lifts her shoulders up, kicks her legs, and bucks, Eve rides her chest, and face. Eve holds Arianne down firmly to the mats, making sure she can’t and will not escape. What ensues is a serious one sided facesitting smothering fiesta.

You can hear in Arianne’s voice throughout the match just how winded she is becoming. Eve takes the punishment even further as Arianne was wanting to quit at the end, Eve refused. In a panic like state, wanting air badly, Arianne was put out. Eve’s pin was superbly applied, as Arianne received a smothering onslaught. Eve lifts off Arianne and poses flexing for the camera, once again exuding her raw power over a now beaten Arianne.

One thought on “CPL-AJK-3 Jeanshorts KO”

  1. This match looks like both girls just walked in off the street in their regular clothes. Eve’s jeanshorts are very sexy on her. Watching her make Arianne suffer in her face sits is really hot. Arianne’s bucking and squirming did her no justice to get out. Eve kept her position on her face smothering her the whole match. Eve is ever so dominating, love her. I wish she would have rammed her ass in Arianne;s face and made her suffer that way too.

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