CPL-SCF-001 Sam’s First Catfight

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Sam decides to try her hand out in a catfight with Arianne. Sam knows that Arianne is quite the mean catfighter but thinks she can go the distance. They prepare themselves on their knees, face to face, staring into one another’s eyes as the room fills with intensity. Sam showed no fear, as Arianne was staring arrogantly back at Sam. As they start, Sam was not taking any chances and fought hard to bring Arianne down to the mats. they both crash down, Sam getting the upper hand as she spins around in reverse, landing a facesit. Sam immediately attacks Arianne’s breasts trying to twist her nipples through her bra. Securing the facesit, Sam leans down and grabs a handful of Arianne’s pussy squeezing it. Arianne already in trouble, is fighting to break out from under her heavier nemesis not wanting to lose this catfight. Arianne now fights wildly, bucking, kicking and slapping at Sam while she is stuck in the facesit. Sam continues to punish Arianne with more crotch grabs, slaps, and reaches back grabbing Arianne by the hair and pulling her face into her ass. Arianne yelps and screams out, frustrated being on the bottom, slapping at Sam any way that she could. Sam leans down to try and lock on a headscissor, but Arianne was quick on the draw, and reverses it, and ends up on top of Sam now spinning into forward. Grabbing Sam by the hair she yanks her face into her crotch smothering her, calling her a fucking bitch. Now facesitting Sam, Arianne says “you wanna grab my cunt bitch”, reaches back and really digs in to Sams pussy as you can hear her muffled yells. Arianne’s trick was to wear Sam down fast, and she knows that Sam can’t take a lot of facesitting, and really dishes it out to her. Sam flails her arms slapping Arianne while she retorts back herself with hits to Sam’s body. Arianne and Sam exchange blows, as Arianne is determined to smother Sam into oblivion. both girls grab at each other’s tits, mauling them as they both yelp in pain, Arianne even slams Sam’s head on the mat repeatedly. The fight continues but Sam is breathing heavily now, as they trade wedgies, tit and crotch grabs, and major slaps. Sam is using up all of her energy and fighting resources to fend off Arianne’s vicious attacks on her. Sam even takes a handful of Arianne’s hair and tries to use that as leverage to get her off of her, but that fails as Arianne reaches back and does the same to Sam and she released Arianne’s hair. With tit slapping, pussy grabbing and mauling, and reverse smothering, Sam is near exhaustion now, with Arianne barely breaking a sweat dominating her bigger opponent. Arianne switches back to forward and really buries Sam’s face in her pussy smothering her. Sam is gasping for air, her face was flush and red, still enduring hits from Arianne. We give Sam real props for trying to fight tooth and nail the whole time against Arianne, but things start to look pretty grim for Sam. Sam and Arianne also traded verbal insults, all the while hitting one another. Arianne reached back and ripped down Sam’s top exposing her bare tits, then takes a handful of them twisting them causing Sam great agony. Sam is put through the most near non stop facesitting she has ever experienced, Arianne pretty much knowing she has this match in the bag now. Arianne uses some hand over mouth on Sam, as Sam reaches up and grabs Arianne’s tits trying to inflict her own pain. Arianne can take a lot of pain, and she slams Sam’s head down on the mats again, disorienting Sam now. Arianne slides back a bit and really works Sam’s tits over, to the point when she let’s go, you can visibly see her hand prints on both Sam’s tits. Arianne knows Sam is done and turns into reverse. Reaching down she practically gets her fingers into Sam’s pussy through her bathing suit bottoms digging in really deep, Sam in dire pain, she quits the match. Arianne says “bitch I won the catfight, FUCK YOU” and flexes posing on top of a very beaten and battered Sam who is left on the mats practically in tears.  

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  1. Arianne has such an amazing body & she looks absolutely beautiful in those sexy pink Bra & Panties & i absolutely love Arianne’s Front & Reverse Facesit & Pussy Grab on Sam!

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