CPL-DVF-92 Facesitting Battle

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CPL-DVF-92 Facesitting Battle This clip features Zoe taking on Arianne in a 3 round 5 min facesit battle. Both girls enjoy a good challenge, and the rounds are somewhat balanced. At first it was in Arianne’s favor, but Zoe makes a good comeback and smothers Arianne. They use both forward and reverse facesits, Zoe showing that she enjoys sitting on Arianne’s face.

The last round Zoe thought she had it, and when the camera girl told them 1min left, Zoe was on top in a forward facesit. She then turns around and says to Arianne “one minute left, you can spend it in my ass”. She flips into reverse and plants her ass on Arianne’s face. Arianne manages to escape and reverses the hold, right until the end of the match. Looks like Zoe’s plan back fired on her. Lots of sexy face sits in this match up.

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    1. @Wesker

      I believe in one of the ‘twisted sister’ videos featuring Arianne and her step sister Aubrey they both team up and I know Aubrey farts on thier victims face and im sure Arianne does too 🙂 ( if that is what you meant 🙂

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