CPL-RTU-32 Tied And Defeated

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CPL-RTU-32 Tied And Defeated  Cynara meets her petite blonde nemesis Feebbe on the mats once again. Now Feebee is small, but she has actually defeated Cynara in the past and wants her chance to shine again. Cynara will never forget that Feebee beat her, and will no doubt be taking her revenge on her. Well It looked as though Feebee will not stand any sort of chance at all as Cynara immediately rips into the smaller girl. Feebee gets overwhelmed and taken over by Cynara. She uses facesitting, excruciating body scissors, full weight facesits and seated chokes. Cynara uses her weight to her advantage keeping Feebee pinned to the mats, using breast smothers, and headscissors. Feebee was caught off guard when Cynara face sat her, and tied her wrists together. Now Feebee had no chance on fighting back, and was subjected to more face sitting, smothering and scissors. Cynara finally got her break on giving her smaller opponent some good old fashion humiliation and punishment and made sure Feebee was thoroughly defeated, as she verbally submits to the amazon.



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  1. Cynara you have the Ultimate girl athlete, girl wrestler body ever. Great shoulders long back, tight sexy tummy and mile long legs meant to be wrapped. I enjoyed watching you punish that tart Feebee. She was terrified when you only lightly applied the body scissor pressure—your legs looked so long and all girl powerful sexy. Your great face goes with that beautiful powerful bod, natural big chest, and your ink looks so good on your long powerful bod. I like you first time I saw you fight—your fun, mean and sexy. Your all woman,

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