CPL-DRV-88 The Endurance Showdown

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CPL-DRV-88 The Endurance Showdown  Mariella goes head to head with the smaller feisty Feebee in this semi competitive match up. This match will showcase more of their mat skills and endurance along with their threshold. They battle it out back and fourth, utilizing headscissors, headlocks, and very painful leg stretching grapevines. Feebee goes the distance proving to Mariella that not only can she dish it out, but take it as well. Feebee gets in some good holds and submissions herself, with a few headscissors, a seated reverse choke, and manages to make Mariella fight hard to escape. More holds and fighting for control ensues, and Mariella even gets on a painful lotus lock. She bent Feebee’s arms like a pretzel her face wincing in pain. A phenomenal headlock also has Feebee tapping quickly. You have to keep track of the amount of taps to see who won. the match gets squared away when Feebee mounts Mariella and finishes her off with a breath depriving facesit, leaving her to gloat over Mariella.


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