CPL-JLV-077 Jolene’s Boot Camp Bitch

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Here is the much anticipated clip featuring tough girl Jolene Hexx, taking on Bella. Jolene is known to be quite brutal, powerful yet stunningly gorgeous all wrapped up into one lean mean package. Bella was her newest recruit wanting to be part of her “squad”. After seeing that Bella was rather much smaller than her, Jolene wasted no time laying into Bella. They stand face to face as Jolene begins her verbal thrashing commanding Bella to drop and give her 20 push ups. Bella goes down onto the mats and as she begins, she starts to do her push up, and Jolene stomps on her back slamming her face first into the mats. Bella keeps trying to do a single push up, with each time Jolene stomping on her slamming her back down. This completely sets off Jolene, who turns Bella onto her back calls her pathetic and jumps right on top of her. Bella feels Jolene come crashing down hard onto her chest, then Jolene moves right into a facesit, as she continues to verbally bash Bella. Jolene easily over powers Bella, and you can clearly see that Bella is unable to escape and she is trapped, at the mercy of this dominatrix drill sergeant. No matter what Bella did to try and escape Jolene prevented it. Jolene uses a full weight facesit, driving all of her weight directly onto her smaller opponents face, crushing her nose, and sealing off her air. Jolene’s verbal bashing was enough to dominate over Bella all on its own. Her sheer physical power was no match for the smaller, and lighter Bella. Jolene uses reverse facesitting, planting her perfectly shaped ass engulfing Bella’s whole face, burying it deep in it. Then came Jolene’s ruthless headscissors. With forward and reverse headscissors, Bella turned all shades of purple and red, and struggled to even stay awake. Jolene knew that Bella just did not have what it took to be part of her team, and too weak to ever have her back for protection, and decided to give Bella her ending fate. With absolutely no fight left in her, Bella was forced onto her stomach as Jolene grabs some ropes. First she started tying her feet together, and gave Bella one last opportunity to see if she could prove herself worthy to her instructor. Without saying anything to help her own case, Jolene continues to tie up Bella, and ties her wrists, then finishes it with a very tight hog tie. Bella was scared to see what Jolene was going to do next. Then, Jolene locks her muscular strong thighs around Bella’s neck, and slowly squeezes calling her a pathetic loser, tightening the grip. Jolene asks her again to admit defeat, and without hesitation Bella admits it, but Jolene was so upset she continues to squeeze. Bella was now in a bad predicament, tied, and trapped as Jolene would not release Bella, and asks her “whats the matter can’t escape?”, and refuses to let go. This continued on until the camera fades out.

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