CMX-AC-41 Arianne The Face Crusher

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Arianne is pitted once again against Chris. She easily defeated and KO’D him in their last match, and she wanted to be just as brutal in this one. Chris is much taller than Arianne, but never underestimate a female. On the starting count you can see both opponents ready, then Arianne jumps at her opportunity to throw Chris to the mats and work him over. Feeling that he is rather weak, and practically a sheer wimp, she was about to pour on the humiliation. Arianne sets herself up for a side control arm/headlock, then rams his face into her tits, smothering him. Arianne knows Chris can’t hold his breath for long and she played on that throughout this match.

Strategically breaking him down, using breast smother grapevines, forward and reverse face sits, Chris was easily winded, tired and feeling very humiliated. Arianne pins Chris to the mats and gets him in full weight, now jamming her pussy hard onto his face, feeling it get buried literally in her. Chris’s little weak attempts to escape never worked at all, and he was now at the mercy of his 18yr old domme. Arianne also plants her ass square onto his face in a full weight reverse face sit, making Chris moan and now in a lot of pain. His face was getting battered from all the ruthless face sits and smothering. Arianne now proving once again that she can rule the mats, defeating her twig like male counterpart. Chris now has no choice but to submit to her, looking up at her with his head stuck between her thighs, as she sits proudly on his chin, and verbally bashes him before flexing and ending this video. Sexy.

cplpicsets CMX-AC-41 Arianne The Face Crusher

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