CPL-RC-007 The Racist Cheerleaders

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Arianne rented the wrestling room for her cheerleader practice and was in the midst of doing her routine when Eve walks in. Well Arianne was not impressed and a verbal dispute ensued. Eve was not going to leave, and as the argument heated up, Arianne bitch slaps Eve right across the face. Well Eve shoved Arianne back in retaliation and a fight started, literally. Once they hit the mats, Eve jumps on top, sits on Arianne’s face and says “thought your were gonna do something bitch”. Mustering up her strength, Arianne tosses Eve off her, gets up and grabs Eve by the hair slamming her down. she slaps her in the face then locks on a rear naked choke saying” oh I can just put you out right now”, “what are you gonna do you dirty bitch from the hood”.

Now the racial slurs between each other start coming out, as Eve starts getting angry wanting to attack Arianne. Eve manages to get behind Arianne and dish out a rear naked choke herself, ripping at her hair, while Arianne blindly tries to slap Eve. They break apart but Eve grabs Arianne by the hair and pulls her onto the mats. While sh does that, she then reaches down and clamps onto Arianne’s pussy squeezing it. Arianne screams out in pain, as Eve then mounts her face striking Arianne with some slaps to her sides and legs. Then she grabbed Arianne by the hair pulling her face into her pussy saying “come on now eat this pussy” then rides her face. The trash talking continues as the tables then turn with Arianne getting on top now riding Eve’s face talking smack to her.

Eve then bridges and it throws Arianne off her, Eve then grabs Arianne by the ankles, then jumps on her. Arianne reaches up grabbing and mauling her tits, then Eve stands up and says ” oh yeah”, then kicks Arianne right in the ribs. Now the action starts heating up, as Eve picks Arianne up off the mats holding her arms behind her, then literally whips her across the mats. As Arianne goes down Eve goes in closer then Arianne kicks Eve’s legs out from under her, having her fall flat on her face. These two dig into each other as they both slap, bite, and punch each other. The hairpulling becomes mean and as they roll and fight on the mats, they get each others hands around their throats. Arianne was on top, and added more pressure to Eve’s neck, they trash talk, then Arianne leans down and kisses Eve to humiliate her. Lifting her head back up she then spits in Eve’s face, while Eve tries to spit back. The trash talking was intense, Arianne spits on Eve again, and as she reaches back, she grabs Eve’s pussy. But then Eve lifts her head up and bites Arianne in the pussy sinking her teeth in. Eve then bites her legs, and Arianne got off to try and escape. Eve pounces into action getting behind Arianne locking on a headlock then reaches around grabbing and mauling Arianne’s tits. Arianne uses a reverse head butt catching Eve in the chin, then they both get to their feet. Now they want to fight as they ball their fists trying to hit each other.

Arianne moves in quickly and hip tosses Eve to the mats. They continue on the mats, slapping, hitting and biting each other. They both deliver more crotch and breast mauling wedgies, and Arianne finger gags Eve a few times. Both girls breathing heavily from the match, Arianne gets Eve in a reverse facesit and sits hard telling her no biting. Arianne then tries to destroy Eve’s tits squeezing and smashing them as Eve yelps out in pain. Eve slips out but Arianne was quick to recapture her locking her down sideways on the mat. She then unloads hit after hit on Eve’s head slapping her senseless. Rolling Eve onto her stomach Arianne presses the back of Eve’s head smashing her face into the mats telling her to eat it. Arianne then drags Eve to her feet saying “your fucking done”, she then lifts Eve up into a piledriver. Eve slams down hard and is out, as Arianne then says “the gym is mine, you fucking whore”, spits on Eve then walks away leaving her there. This match is action packed from start to finish with many different elements in it that is sure to please everyone!! Grab this clip, sit back and enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “CPL-RC-007 The Racist Cheerleaders”

  1. This was the most aggressive I have seen Eve. I love the outfit on her makes her look even more sexy. She really dished out hell to Arianne and to watch Eve bite and grab her pussy was to die for. I really think Eve has what it takes to be the best there and over thrown Arianne once and for all. Eve is good in catfighting I won’t say who won but what a match. Thanks

  2. All in all, this match was perfect. Eve was pretty violent towards Arianne which is the first time I have seen Eve like this. The pussy biting was a shocker, and with all the hair pulling, face sitting, biting it was really hard to keep track of the action. Eve has stepped up to the plate and shows that she is just as capable as the rest of them.

  3. Well Eve is also in my top 5 favorite wrestlers. After watching this I cringed throughout because this was such an aggressive video. This was something you would see on the streets minus punching. I like Eve because she is totally cute, and has a great body, with a powerful looking butt. The outfits in this are excellent, two real cheerleaders fighting. They both slap and hit each other, Eve grabs and bites Arianne’s vagina a few times. I also will not say who won, but the action is pretty intense. They also S%^#$t talk each other like in a real fight. 10/10 again. I like watching Eve in matches, of course hoping she wins.

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