CPL-CV-92 Copycat Bitch

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CPL-CV-92 Copycat Bitch-  Savannah and Arianne are getting ready for their match and Savannah is changing in the bathroom. When she comes out she finds that Arianne was dressed exactly the same as her. Savannah tells Arianne to go change and she refused, so Savannah throws her to the mats jumping on top in a facesit. Now Savannah merely taunts, belittles and trash talks Arianne in hopes she will go change. Throughout the whole clip they trash talk each other, (Arianne when she can apart from being smothered most of the time). Savannah was cruel in making Arianne suffer beneath her with constant forward and reverse facesits.

Having her breath taken away, Arianne was simply losing strength and the ability to do anything. With her face being buried in Savannah’s tight denim clad ass and pussy, Savannah gives Arianne one last chance to go change. Simply refusing Savannah sits back down on her face and decides it wad time to just put Arianne out. Once she stopped moving, Savannah gets off her then says “that’s what you get for being a copy cat bitch”. Arianne lays in dreamland while Savannah just walks away leaving her there. Total one sided domination at it’s finest.

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