CPL-TSS-006 Twisted sisters in: Havana Edition

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So now it looks like Havana is about to face the wrath of the twisted sisters now. She was literally carried into the room by both Arianne and Aubrey, Havana clearly not wanting to face them. They swing her back and fourth and on the count of three they throw her onto the mats. Havana crashes down onto her back and Arianne lifts her up, getting in behind her putting in a headlock. then Aubrey stands on front of them, and drives her ass into Havana’s face burying it deep between her ass cheeks smothering her. Aubrey and Arianne tease, taunt and make fun of Havana, and if she wanted air she had to squeeze Aubrey’s ass. Aubrey was having loads of fun shaking and rubbing her ass all over Havana’s face while she verbally taunted her. Now it was Arianne’s turn to do the same while Aubrey gets behind Havana putting on the headlock. Arianne works her ass magic shaking, grinding and rubbing it all over Havana’s face, totally humiliating her. Then they toss Havana to the mats, Arianne locking on a straight leg reverse scissor, and Aubrey does a full weight facesit on her, bouncing and smothering her. Havana’s face was turning rather red and so was her nose, since it has been jammed in the sisters asses and crotch’s. After they both take turns scissoring and smothering Havana, they tell her to sit on her knees. Then Aubrey practically does a backwards handstand wrapping her legs around Havana’s head while Arianne was behind Havana holding her arms behind her. While Aubrey squeezes, Arianne even does some hand over mouth to keep Havana quiet. the verbal trash talk between them all was amazing, even in french. when the sisters switch, Arianne gets into the handstand reverse headscissor and Aubrey shoves Havana’s head deep into her thighs. Havana was being punished by the sisters as they loved dominating and humiliating her the whole time. Then Arianne lays on her stomach while Aubrey positions Havana to lay on her stomach between Arianne’s legs, then she shoves Havana’s face deep in her sisters ass totally smothering her. they would then tell Havana if you want air to tap Arianne’s ass hard. Arianne wiggled her ass while Aubrey pushed on the back of Havana’s head. When Havana wanted air, Aubrey grabbed under Havana’s chin and her hair, and kept shoving it back into Arianne’s ass. Then they switched positions and did the exact same thing again. This time Havana’s face was buried deep in Aubrey’s tight ass. Each time Havana caught a breath she would call Aubrey names saying she was going to get her back. So Arianne shut her up by ramming her face back into Aubrey’s ass over and over. Havana was practically breathless as the girls rolled her onto her back. With Arianne sitting in a tight schoolgirl pin, and Aubrey sitting directly behind her, the girls decided to finish Havana off, twisted sister style with a good old double facesit KO. first Arianne smothers Havana until she stopped moving, and when she was out, the sisters switched spots. Havana was just coming to , begging them to stop, but Aubrey just sat on her face holding her tight until Havana, again goes out. Havana was just manhandled, dominated and utterly humiliated by the twisted sisters as they yell out “yeahhh twisted sisters” posing flexing and laughing at Havana. 


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