CMX-LT-76 Pain Infliction

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CMX-LT-76 Pain Infliction  Chadam is facing off against a very aggressive Arianne today. She is totally hell bent on punishing him to the fullest. The initial plan was to do a scissor facesit match, but Chadam got on Arianne’s nerves just before the match and she wanted to change it. She wanted to do an I quit match with him, no rules, first person to verbally quits loses. Arianne charged at chadam locking on a headlock for the take down. Now she knows how to break him down quickly so she slides right up and begins facesitting him. Chadam is fighting to get her off, and manages to sneak quite a few breaths to keep himself from having to quit so early into the match. Her facesitting was so intense she said to chadam “I don’t give a fuck, you brought me to this point” as she continues to deliver non stop facesits. In the midst of their scuffle, chadam finds himself face down in a tight headscissor, his arms also trapped. He begins to make some pretty loud grunts and groans as she continually applies pressure, saying to him” just let me know when you quit”, then she said maybe i will just knock you out instead. His breathing was steadily getting heavier and heavier the longer he was trapped. Arianne uses a combination of straight leg scissors and smothering figure fours and her tactic was working. She rolls him onto his back, as she gets herself into a straight leg reverse scissor. Combining that with smothering fig fours, he was desperate to escape. As he was reaching behind him his face was purple and red, and he was literally going in and out of consciousness from the absolute pressure of Arianne’s scissors. She thought he had tapped out, and released the scissor, but he didn’t quit nor tap her to do so. Arianne felt a bit cheated thinking he did that on purpose to save himself, she goes right back to scissoring him again. Chadam has no energy left and is fighting with what reserve power he has left in him. Arianne then whips around into forward and uses a breast smother grapevine on him. He is in a panic state now trying whatever he can to even catch an ounce of air. Then Arianne sits up, and slides up into a forward facesit pinning his arms high above his head. Chadam knows that this hold will be his inevitable nemesis as he can fight all he wants it’s only a matter of time before he quits now. This whole match really took a toll on him, and his endurance was flushed from his body. He mumbles that he quits into her pussy, but she slams back down and says “nope, one more”. She then flexes while sitting on his face waiting for another tap. Once he taps, she stands up, puts her foot on his chest looking down at him says “fuck you” while flipping him off. What a stellar performance by Arianne.


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