CPL-TSS-003 Twisted Sisters: Sarah Brooke Edition

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Sarah steps onto the mats with her fate awaiting her moments away. She is about to face the twisted sisters and she knows this will be a challenge of a lifetime for her. Sarah has heard of and seen the twisted sisters in action and needs to concoct a plan on how she can possibly defeat them, both, at the same time. The sisters walk in together and Sarah wasted no time grabbing them both in a headlock. Aubrey and Arianne were caught off guard not expecting to be attacked right away. Sarah trips Aubrey and she goes down to the mats. With Arianne still in a headlock, Sarah gets on top of Aubrey and facesits her. Sarah knew she has to fight dirty in order to win. Aubrey begins tapping as she needed air, but Sarah stayed on top until she was out. Arianne tries hard to push Sarah off Aubrey but it was too late. Arianne’s temper gets the best of her seeing her sister now out and grabbed Sarah and literally hip tosses her to the mats and jumps on her. Arianne tries to wake up Aubrey, as she comes to shes a bit dazed but jumps right back into the action. The girls pick Sarah up to her feet, Aubrey holds Sarah’s arms behind her and Arianne trash talks her before delivering some nasty upper cut cunt busting blows to Sarah. After quite a few hits the girls switch places then Aubrey follows suit and does the same thing. Sarah’s legs nearly buckle from under her with all the strikes she is enduring. Aubrey then knees Sarah in the stomach, and that hit brought Sarah to her knees. Arianne and Aubrey make Sarah get back to her feet so Aubrey can cunt bust Sarah a few more times. Arianne then lays on her stomach and Aubrey positions Sarah on her stomach as well and shoves Sarah’s face into Arianne’s ass smothering her. Both girls trash talk Sarah while punishing her. Aubrey and Arianne then switch spots, this time Arianne puts Sarah in a camel clutch while Aubrey squats down and shoves her ass in Sarah’s face. Sarah was practically in panic mode from all the  non stop smothering. Arianne then says to Aubrey “maybe you should fart”. Since Aubrey is good at letting farts go, she conjured up a good one and let it go in Sarah’s face, her nose was buried right in Aubrey’s asshole. Sarah coughed and choked from the stench alone, as Aubrey wafted the smell into Sarah’s face then smothered her again. Arianne and Aubrey made Sarah kiss Aubrey’s ass as they humiliate and over power her. Aubrey then twerks in Sarah’s face shaking her ass all over it. Sarah is becoming rather weak with nearly non stop ass in the face smothering. The girls then switch places, Aubrey securing a camel clutch now as Arianne backs her ass up into Sarah’s face. Sarah was mumbling and moaning unable to breathe, but Arianne was enjoying it. After an abundant amount of ass in the face smothering, the twisted sisters pick Sarah up and prepare to slingshot her. They stand on either side of Sarah both grabbing her arms, and whip Sarah across the mats, face first into the wall. Sarah then falls to the mats, Aubrey then kicks her in the back. Now Sarah is flat on her back, the girls grab her feet and arms then swing Sarah from side to side. On the count of three they let go and Sarah goes back down hard landing on the mats. Arianne lays on top of sarah and gets her into a reverse straight leg scissor while Aubrey mounts her in a facesit. Sarah is feeling very overwhelmed being dominated and under the complete control of the twisted sisters. They were out to make her pay for putting out Aubrey, and punish her is exactly what they did. They squeeze and smother Sarah into a panic state as Sarah barely gets any air at all. Aubrey and Arianne switch spots, this time Aubrey clamping on a straight leg reverse headscissor and Arianne facesitting her at the same time. Sarah was wasted, drained of all her energy after getting her ass handed to her in the most humiliating fashion. When they were done facesitting and scissoring her, they rolled her onto her stomach and got some ropes. Aubrey ties her feet together, while Arianne ties her arms up. Once they finish that, Aubrey lays on her back in front of Sarah and breastsmothers her, while Arianne completes the hogtie on Sarah. They taunt and belittle Sarah while they pose and flex their rippling muscles over her. Looks like Sarah is the third victim to be manhandled, dominated, humiliated and defeated by the twisted sisters. Facing both of these tough girls together, you are just asking for trouble. Sarah found out the hard way.



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