CPL-CLS-024 Trailer Park Brawl

Category:  Cpl Classics, Female Wrestling
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Full Video: 14 Minutes
Members Clip: 14 Minutes
Published: 2018-09-11
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CPL-CLS-024 Trailer Park Brawl    Well looks like Sam our BBW got way in over her head this time. Newcomer Hailey with only minimal training asked Sam if she wanted to do something cause she was bored. Hailey asked her to come work out with her, but Sam refused and wanted to be lazy. Well Hailey wasn’t going to take no for an answer, and decided to take a piece out of Sam. After Sam refused Hailey jumped on Sam pinning her down in the very tight limited space they had and Hailey went to work on Sam. While Sam got all upset and started calling Hailey names, Hailey decided to shut Sam up for awhile using long facesits, dressed in her very tight spandex workout leggings. Hailey also applied reverse figure four headscissors, making Sam suffer for a long period of time. Switching from reverse to forward Hailey finished Sam off with a cross legged neck choking facesit, making the BBW gasp and beg for release. Hailey is a treat to see, with her girl next door appeal and bright selfishly punishing smile.

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