CMX-JH-08 Jolene’s Topless KO

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Jolene came prepared today to do some serious damage, and steps onto the mats in her shiny little bootie shorts, and topless. Chadam sizes her up quickly before the count down, only to realize that he may have made a mistake going against the powerful Jolene. As they lock up, chadam resists Jolene’s take down, and she says “I think you just made a bog mistake” grabbing the back of his head and thrusting him to the mats. As chadam tries to resist, Jolene mounts him backwards and instantly locks on a reverse headscissor, saying again “yep, I’m pretty sure you made a mistake” as she wraps her insanely strong thighs around his head. Squeezing him into multiple submissions Jolene makes it look all to easy, and moves up now into a reverse facesit. Jolene slams her ass down onto his face, taking his breath away, and feels him squirm beneath her as he fights for air. She gives him a bit of air, then asks him ” tell me how much of a bitch you are,” He retorts saying fuck you, as she goes back down onto his face saying “nope that was wrong”. Pinning his arms under her shins she even does a few full weight sumo squats putting all her weight right down onto his face. Jolene taunts him saying ” come on, get out of it”, as she stretches out her legs scooping his head, this time putting on a fierce reverse figure four.  Jolene was sick of his mouth, and really wanted to hurt him now. As he grunts and groans trying to fight the pain of the headscissor, Jolene says “your pain amuses me” squeezing even harder. Chadam’s face was buried in her ass, her thighs flexed and applying maximum pressure now. We are not quite sure if he went out or not, although it looked like he may have as Jolene now moves into forward. Sitting on his chest she pulls his face high up trapping it in her thighs as she rolls to the side getting on an extremely tight inescapable forward straight leg scissor. Jolene squeezes with excitement as his face turns red and he makes these weird groaning noises. Jolene touches his forehead and he flips her off, well that was a bad move as she grabs his finger, clamps down harder on the scissor and bends his finger back almost breaking it. chadam could not take the pain anymore and  Jolene blurts out “yeah tap motherfucker, i could make you tap all day”. she rolls him up and to the side, her scissor is now even tighter as she looks down at his trapped face and said ” i have never seen that shade of color before” laughing while maximizing the pressure around his neck. Jolene continues to further his punishment by facesitting him, verbally taunting and humiliating him as well. Chadam was running out of oxygen, was rather dazed, quite tired and literally, well just getting his ass handed to him. As Jolene smothers him, the verbal annihilation continues as her facesitting becomes more and more aggressive. She snakes her legs around his neck again in a reverse straight leg headscissor, this time really making him suffer. she turns back in forward, dishing out more facesitting, and we are not sure how much more he can take. Jolene is very ruthless and being an alpha female Chadam was under her control. She rolls to the side pulling his face into her crotch and snaps on another scissor. This time it was even tighter than the others, as she verbally bashes him and stares into his face buried in her crotch. Jolene even said that she was becoming bored kicking his ass it was all too easy so she had to entertain herself, giving him another good squeeze before siting back up on top again. Since Jolene has dominated, humiliated, belittled, and over powered chadam it was time to finish his little bitch ass off once and for all. Climbing onto his face, creating a perfectly tight seal around his mouth and nose, he had little strength left to fight. She tells him to struggle but she is not getting off this time when he taps, and sure enough she did just that. Chadam frantically taps, but that was brief as he tries one last effort to move her, and ends up going out under her. Climbing off his face, she looks down at his near snoring limp body, kneels on him saying ” bitch toys get old fast” and flexes her very defined arms, posing over him. 

cplpicsets CMX-JH-08 Jolene's Topless KO


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