CMX-NJ-500 Janira Wolfe in: The Smother Punisher K.O.

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Janira is quite a sadistic woman, and when it comes to dominating men, she has absolutely zero remorse for the outcome. Janira takes great pride in physically abusing her victims, where that be whipping, beating, kicking, or in this case, air deprivation. Chadam gets thrown to the mats as Janira readies herself for her facesitting extravaganza, putting chadam through sheer hell with breath play. Chadam has been facesat thousands of times, but Janira was about to make this experience painful, and one he will never forget. Once he goes down, Janira makes her way into her first facesit jumping onto his face. she has the perfect figure that once she facesits it creates a perfect vacuum seal around his mouth and nose making it impossible to get any air. Once he taps, Janira barely lifts up and goes right back down again. Knowing that chadam is only going to be able to take so much of this before he either gets exhausted quickly, or better yet, just goes out. She is enjoying not letting him have any air, as he squirms beneath her, looking for any way out to catch even a small breath. Janira wiggles and shakes her ass and pussy all over his face while he suffers with no air, lifting up and quickly back down on his face over and over. Does not take long before you can hear the panic in his voice as he says “oh god, no more”. Janira happily disagrees as she turns in reverse now and says “oh yes, there’s lots more”, dropping her ass down onto his face. Janira, wiggles, jiggles, gyrates and bounces in reverse, only lifting up ever so slightly when he taps. she starts to laugh as the enjoyment seems to turn to pleasure as she blocks his breathing, listening to his muffled whimpering cries under her. After what seemed like an eternity to chadam, Janira switches it up to doing a reverse full weight splits facesit, slamming all her wight down now directly on him. Chadam was obviously in desperate need of air, as he must have been on the brink of going out multiple times. Janira then sits full weight on his face, and drapes her legs out in front of her, resting them on his legs. Now this was truly a full weight crushing facesit, and a very painful one at that. Janira grinds her ass cheeks down hard onto his face, burying his nose deep in her butt now. Janira switches back to forward facesitting, making sure that with each tap, he does not get the air he deserves. Now she makes things interesting and does a side saddle facesit, still making sure his face is locked in tight, unable to breathe. After holding the side saddle, she turns and does a variation of another side saddle, then right into a forward full weight facesit. Chadam’s face is getting pounded as its more than beat red now. Janiras flips into another reverse facesit, and continues her smothering barrage. She jumps, shakes and gyrates again on his face, making sure to grind his face into her ass. As he taps he lets out a huge gasp and turns his head to the side. Janira quickly grabs it, and turns his face directly back into her ass. The smothering was near endless, and we are not even sure how he survived this. Janira does one more reverse splits scissor facesit before turning back into forward again. She verbally taunts and bashes him, all the while smothering the damn life out of him. Some of the close up camera shots of his face buried in her crotch are stunning, showing the realness of the smother. Janira extends her legs out forward, dishing out one last full weight facesit. After witnessing him nearly go out multiple times, she sits on his chest and asks “have you had enough?” she also asked him, “do you remember that word I taught you?”. Having no oxygen left in his brain, his brain cells were practically mush, he had no idea what the word was as he began guessing. Janira got upset and said “it’s THANK YOU”, as he blurts out your welcome. She yells NO and sat on his face again. Obviously not learning his lesson, Janira could not tolerate his stupidity any longer and smothered him until he goes out. She stayed on his face for just a bit longer after he stopped moving just to be sure he was out. “i don’t like him if he’s not going to learn” she boasts. Janira then stands up and says ” thank you, it’s not that fucking hard” and walks away. Chadam was for sure out and completely finished after suffering at the hands of this sexy smothering dominatrix.

cplpicsets CMX-NJ-500 Janira Wolfe in: The Smother Punisher K.O.


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