CMX-KCR-66 Three Round Challenge

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CMX-KCR-66 Three Round Challenge Kiera and chadam face each other in a 3 round challenge. First round is pin count to 10, second round is face sitting, and third round is head scissors. Wasting no time, she pins him down one after another, and she practically sat on his face every time. She knew that this would wear him down quicker.

Chadam fights to get out, but with Kiera’s extraordinary ability to keep her foes tightly pinned to the mats, all he could do was suffer beneath her. the face sitting round was even harder as each face sit brings him closer to going out as she barely lifts up. Unable to get much of a breath, he has lost most of his strength. They move on to the head scissor round and she locks on scissor after scissor, tightly, squeezing the life from him each one. It was plain to  see who clearly dominated this match, as chadam lay beaten and humiliated.

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    Have you considered adding in a segment in the match where the hot girl insists you kiss her ass demanding it very authoritatively? I think that would make these already amazing videos infinitely more amazing than they already are. Please give this a consideration!

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