CPL-LWW-002 Lightweight Championship Match

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Well Aubrey is the lightweight champion after defeating Havana in CPL-LWW-001. Now Eve wants her shot at becoming the title holder. Of course, Eve decides to challenge Aubrey after she had worked a full day at her regular job, AND did 5 clips prior to this match. With obvious signs of fatigue, Aubrey conjured up what energy she had left and agreed to the match not wanting to back out of a challenge. Eve was still quite fresh only having done one clip that day, so she was ready and energy filled. Sam does the intros for both girls, Aubrey holding the belt in her hands as both competitors gear up for the match.

On the count of three both girls rush at each other as they hit the mats. Aubrey using up her energy quickly gets Eve down and pins her in a facesit. Eve struggles beneath Aubrey but then taps. Aubrey was struggling to keep Eve pinned and decides to use a headscissor. Realizing that Eve was fighting hard, Aubrey held onto the scissor for dear life. Unfortunately for Aubrey, Eve escaped her head scissor and jumped on top of Aubrey. From previous matches that Eve has seen, and done with Aubrey she knew that Aubrey could not hold her breath long, and decided to prey on that, badly. Eve was going to do what ever it took to win, knowing Aubrey is one of the toughest girls to beat. Once on top she begins to facesit Aubrey, getting a few taps. Aubrey grunted and moaned under Eve, doing what she could to try and escape so early on in the match.

Eve then grabbed Aubrey’s head and falls to the side locking on a tight head scissor. She switches from straight leg to figure fours, wearing down a now upset Aubrey. No matter what way Aubrey moved, her arms were trapped, and she could not break free from Eve’s tightly applied scissor. Aubrey was using up her energy to escape, and was also losing it from the intense head scissor. Eve was now 100% focused as she has Aubrey right where she wants her.  Aubrey was visibly getting mad now as she could not break herself free as Eve now rolls Aubrey onto her back and is on top again. She delivers a few hand over mouth submissions before beginning her barrage of facesits. Aubrey’s legs move frantically back and fourth trying to unseat Eve, but it was not working. Eve slams her crotch down into Aubrey’s face smothering her profusely. Aubrey begins to tap more and more frequently now, Eve knowing she can’t handle the facesits, winding the tough girl, and making her suffer. Eve ignores some of Aubrey’s taps making her stay under her just a bit longer, as Aubrey desperately fights to get air. Eve then spins around in reverse, and grabs Aubrey’s head and puts on a very tight reverse figure four head scissor. Aubrey’s face was practically in Eve’s ass as she squeezes over and over. Eve clenches her butt cheeks and drives Aubrey’s face into her ass, now smothering her. Aubrey is totally trapped and taps over and over to the pain of the scissor.

Anger is written all over Aubrey’s face as she knows if she does not escape soon, she is done for. Aubrey’s arms were pinned tight to the mats, and Eve amps up the pressure on the scissors now. Frustration now turns to exhaustion as Eve lets go of the hold, gets off Aubrey and easily rolls her onto her stomach. Most of Aubrey’s fight was squeezed out of her as Eve gets her into a rear naked choke. Keeping Aubrey in this hold for quite some time, Aubrey still could not manage to break free as Eve is able to get many taps from it, still draining Aubrey. Eve lets go of the rear naked choke and climbs back on top of Aubrey pinning her again. You can hear Aubrey almost let out a whimpering cry as her arms were placed high above her head, Eve using her face as a seat yet again. This time Eve went really hard with the facesitting barely lifting up and going right back down over and over on Aubrey’s face. Aubrey lets out little moans as she can barely catch a breath between facesits. Aubrey begins to almost constantly tap, Eve ignoring most of the taps before letting Aubrey get a slight bit of air. This was utterly draining Aubrey so bad she was just barely hanging on from going out. Aubrey begins to panic and frantically taps desperate for air, which Eve ignored most of the time. This is the most punishment from anyone we have seen dished out to Aubrey. Eve then sits back just a bit only allowing Aubrey a bit of air through her nose, before going back to smothering Aubrey. Eve begins to completely ignore Aubrey’s taps until she panicked so bad she was slamming her feet on the mats.

Aubrey knew she was not going to escape, and at this stage all she was trying to do was literally stay awake and not get ko’d. It looked as though that is exactly what Eve was trying to do in order to win the title. Eve lets up on the facesitting and decided to use a headscissor again and rolls to her side, Aubrey trapped in her powerful thighs. Eve poured on the pressure as Aubrey tries whatever she could to escape, but Eve just cranked on the scissor even harder. A few minutes pass and Eve rolls back on top of a now winded, exhausted and battered Aubrey. Eve goes up and down, each time driving Aubrey’s nose into her pussy smothering her causing Aubrey to tap constantly again. Aubrey even looks up in desperation her eyes saying please let this be over with, as Eve covers her face again. Aubrey’s arms are now stuck between Eve’s thighs and calves bent in half, with no way to pull them out to defend herself. Eve presses down on her elbows locking them in tight as she sits all over Aubrey’s face trying to end Aubrey. As Eve goes up and down on Aubrey’s face all Aubrey could do was tap with her feet as Eve sometimes refused to get up when she tapped. Eve then sits back a slight bit asking Aubrey ” do you quit do you give, give up the title?” Aubrey still trying to catch her breath obviously did not say it, so Eve went back to pounding her face with facesits slamming her pussy down into Aubrey’s mouth and nose.

With Eve not even really lifting up when Aubrey tapped, she almost went out and when she got the chance, she Aubrey said “ok, I give up”. Eve looks down at her and said” say you give the title”, Aubrey with slight hesitation says ” I give the title”. Eve still sitting on Aubrey’s mouth she flexes posing over her severely beaten opponent. The ending shows Sam raising the arm of the new lightweight champion, Eve. You can see Aubrey’s beat red and swollen face from such hardcore facesits that Eve did on her. Aubrey reaches out and shakes Eve’s hand saying “good job” then both girls hug standing beside one another. We have never seen Aubrey take such severe facesitting like this at all, and Eve made her tap more than 100 times in this clip alone (we lost count actually). What a hardcore victory for Eve, and a heartbreaking loss for Aubrey, who no doubt is conjuring up some sort of revenge already in her mind. The question is, how long will Eve hold the belt before she is challenged again?


6 thoughts on “CPL-LWW-002 Lightweight Championship Match”

  1. AUBREY!! no no no. What happen here? You came out real strong at the start then Eve just pummels you. 🙁 Aubrey you took one of the most vicious face sittings I have ever witnessed, even worse than the one your sister did to you. I have never seen Eve come on that hard before, I was routing for you through the clip, but you got beat. I have not seen you panic that much in a match EVER! It is you that is normally making people panic lol. You are still my all time favorite no matter what, if you do any more matches please knock out Eve.

  2. This was sexy Eve is hot. Aubrey got what she deserve a face full of Eve’s pussy the whole time. I especailly like the close ups with aubrey face jammed in Eve’s pussy. Was funny to watch her panik and almost pass out lots of times. Good job for sexy Eve.

  3. WOW!!! I do not know where to start. First off, congrats to Eve on another kick ass win. Looks like the girl she is wrestling is close to her size as well. Eve was quite mean but in another fashion. She sat on that girls face (Aubrey) for such long periods of time I am shocked she did not pass out over and over. Even when Aubrey was tapping, Eve still did not give her air right away. Aubrey’s face after this match shows she really got her ass kicked hard. Eve uses backwards scissors and Aubrey’s face is pretty much in Eve’s butt. The good thing is, she could not escape from them. Wicked brutal match, loved it from beginning to end.

  4. Eve, you’re now her mistress. What can you do better? You can more trash talks to your victims.
    I love to see Aubrey’s face in yours butt. That is the place where she has to be.
    I lovbe your skills. You are my favorit wrestler!

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