CMX-MT-88 Mutinys Seductive KO

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CMX-MT-88 Mutinys Seductive KO  Mutiny and chadam meet after a very long hiatus and prepare to wrestle on the bed in their hotel. Even before they start the sexual tension in the room is unreal as they are face to face, nose to nose. Mutiny takes chadam down and turns him into her personal slave dominating him. Mutiny has very powerful legs and uses those to her advantage squeezing chadam’s head between her thick thighs. Was not long before chadam tapped, his face beat red, cringing in pain. Mutiny also uses forward and reverse facesits, seductively smothering him beneath her. Slowly she breaks him down, turning him into a weak gasping pile of nothing. In fact with the onslaught on head scissors, smothering scissors and facesits he was drained to the point where he just went out at the end. Everything Mutiny does she turns it sexual, this clip is not to miss. Of course she also trash talks and belittles him throughout the clip.



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  1. The goddess Mutiny … oh how I envy you Chad. I almost had a session set up with this beauty but it didn’t work out. Still hoping to have one in the future if possible. This girl is absolutely perfect in every way. Definitely bring her back for as many shoots as possible

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