CMX-MCJ-94 Amazon Jeans Smother

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CMX-MCJ-94 Amazon Jeans Smother Chadam was in for a serious punishment in this clip. Cynara was dressed in denim jeans so tight we are not sure how she even got them on. As per Cynara’s usual style of dishing out humiliation she dominated chadam with many excruciating and quite painful holds, locks and smothers. Cynara towers over chadam, and she uses her weight and height to her advantage. She starts off easily getting him into a standing scissor, that has him rapidly tapping as her thighs crush his head between them. From there her reign of of pain continues. While she verbally taunts him, she uses forward and reverse facesits, painfully tight headscissors, and armlocks that we thought were going to break his arms. Cynara is a queen of humiliation and she enjoys every minute of it. By the end chadam was beaten, destroyed and Cynara chalks up a pretty sweet victory. Chadam lay there wishing he had never crossed her path.

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  1. hi you cen call me cloyd I have tell Cyara I have got pin by a girls but love to be pin by you one time if have tight Jeans on that look fun so hop to met you some day and you wrestle me thanks you look good

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