CMX-CAP-01 Spandex Destruction

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Category: Mixed Wrestling, New
Full Video: 12 Minutes
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CMX-CAP-01 Spandex Destruction  Eve has a love for dominating, both male and female opponents. She is dressed in her skin tight sexy spandex itching to go. When they begin, Eve quickly goes for a head scissor take down, trapping chadam’s head and one arm between her powerful legs. With a little pressure, chadam was quick to tap. Moving on she punishes him with reverse facesits, getting his face deep in her ass. Eve moves from hold to hold, with calculated precision using forward and reverse facesits as her main humiliating moves.

Eve also easily dominates with a variety of head scissors, including smothering ones. She breaks him down with her reverse figure four scissor, even laying on her side, pulling his face into ass with each tight squeeze. Eve then uses more reverse facesitting, depriving him of air, hearing him gasping, seeing his face becoming flush, his breathing fluttering.  Eve knew it was time for her ultimate victory move and uses a knotted side figure four head scissor. This was so tight his face actually went dark purple, and since she grabbed both of his arms he had no escape route. Chadam decided to throw in the towel before she ended up putting him out, which he was clearly just about there.

Eve chalks up yet another amazing victory under her belt as she proudly flexes over a defeated opponent.


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