CMX-GR-776 Agatha The Grappling Champ

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CMX-GR-776 Agatha The Grappling Champ  Agatha steps onto the mats in her cute pink kneepads, and one piece wrestling suit ready for her first ever competitive 3 tap match. Agatha received some prior training but chadam was not expecting her to get as aggressive as she did. Agatha is a powerhouse with her scissors, and uses that to her advantage in this clip quite frequently. She has a size advantage over chadam and uses her legs as weapons. Chadam was floored at the strength Agatha possessed, as he was constantly thrown to the mats with Agatha securing him down using facesit submissions. Agatha’s strong legs started taking a toll on chadam, her scissors were just too much to handle. He was trying to block her scissors at one point and she trapped his arm and had it bent and contorted causing him a great deal of pain. Agatha did not let up on him the entire match, really wearing him out. Her endurance was phenomenal as she dominated this match the entire time. She even got him into a straight leg scissor pointing her feet directly towards the ceiling and he was mere milliseconds from going out. She punished him with air depriving reverse facesits, and loads of forward facesitting. Chadam spent most of the match just trying to defend himself from this newly formed grappling machine. Agatha felt sorry after the match and as a sign of good sportsmanship she offered him a hand to help him up off the mats.

cplpicsets CMX-GR-776 Agatha The Grappling Champ

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