SJM-PCV-208 Beat By A Lazy Chick

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SJM-PCV-208 Beat By A Lazy Chick

Eve is a tough contender for most girls, and can really put people in their places dominating and destroying them. We now introduce 19yr old BBW Starla to the wrestling world. Her first opponent is Eve, in a pin count match. Since Starla is new she does not have full training, but is willing to give it all she has in this match. Not feeling any intimidation by Eve, as they collide, Starla quickly gets Eve down, using her weight. Overpowered and overwhelmed by her sheer weight alone, Eve finds herself under Starla. With a perfectly applied schoolgirl pin, Eve could not escape. With each take down, Eve struggled to get Starla pinned, in fact she couldn’t at all. Starla would counter every take down and each time pin and dominate Eve with near facesit schoolgirl pins.

She was starting to really enjoy dominating Eve, sometimes laughing at her attempts to get out, as Eve uses most of her strength, and could barely lift her shoulder off the mats. Eve’s frustrations were mounting every time she went down, Starla scoring almost every pin. Eve was having serious issues trying to pin Starla, in fact Starla allows her to be taken down. Eve climbs on top and counts her out, the camera girl even says to Eve “you know she gave you that pin out of pity.” Starla takes Eve down again and pins her as Eve says to her ” do you do this at home?” Starla says back to her ” nope, first time, I am the laziest girl you will ever meet”.

As she says that the camera girl says again to Eve ” and she’s kicking your ass Eve, you should hang your head in shame”. the last 2 final take downs Eve tried as hard as she could not to get pinned, but Starla easily pins her to the mats, making a complete mockery of Eve. Never has Eve felt more embarrassed about being destroyed by a new girl, who had loads of fun humiliating Eve with every pin. This was a complete upset for Eve, and certainly has done a number on her ego.

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