CPL-JLV-077 Jolene’s Boot Camp Bitch

Here is the much anticipated clip featuring tough girl Jolene Hexx, taking on Bella. Jolene is known to be quite brutal, powerful yet stunningly gorgeous all wrapped up into one lean mean package. Bella was her newest recruit wanting to be part of her “squad”. […]

KOA-0125-The Slicked Up K.O

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO KOA-0125-The Slicked Up K.O  Arianne and Bella try their hands at wrestling in the pool filled with baby oil. This is on slippery but hard fought match between these two girls. Each do their best they can to lock on their moves, […]

CPL-DD-69 – 3 Way Facesit Challenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-DD-69 – 3 Way Facesit Challenge- This is an interesting elimination style match featuring Mia, Jessie and Melody. First facing off was Jessie and Melody. The first girl to tap out in a facesit pin only was eliminated. Then Mia jumps in […]

KOA-0131 Smother Bullies K.O.

Tilly and Paige are set to square off yet again. This time both girls use facesitting and a few scissors only to subdue, destroy and conquer one another. Tilly and Paige fought hard in their last match, and there still seems to be a bit […]

CPL-WM-28 Humiliated By The Blond Domme

This clip is a special feature match. Winter comes to us from fighting girls to challenge Rosalei in an all out competitive fight to the finish style match. Both girls are same height and weight, and size one another up before they start. Their take […]

CPL-DJ-72 Facesitting Piledriver Contest

Mariella is facing off against Jessie in this clip. This is Jessie’s first ever attempt at piledrivers and is very eager to win against the more experienced Mariella. Jessie wants to show that she can compete with the best of them, and is ready to […]

SAV-039 Pleasureful K.O.

Sara and Mariella are introduced into this clip today both dressed in bitty bikini bottoms and bootie shorts. Sara has a hidden fetish for dominating Mariella and she hopes to be in control this match. They size one another up before they begin and they […]

SAV-044-Cries Of Pain

We had a new girl come try out here, her name is Cathy, who stood a mere 5’4, weighing in at 115lbs and only 19yrs old. She didn’t want to do any training what so ever, and we found that rather odd. So before the […]

CPL-TM-010 Female Mat Supremacy

This epics match up features USA wrestler Tilly, taking on house girl Paige in an all out competitive submission match. Both girls are in the starting position looking very focused and concentrated. On the 3 count Paige and Tilly lunge at each other looking for […]