CPL-VDC-07- 3 Tap Challenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO CPL-VDC-07- 3 Tap Challenge  We have Mariella the long time mat veteran, taking on younger tough girl Arianne. This was a 3 tap submission bout, any move goes.  Once they score 3 taps they restart again, or can cheat and not wait […]

SAV-052 Tilly’s Facesitting Revenge

DOWNLOAD FULL VIDEO Tilly lost her last match to Cynara in SCS-089. Now with a bit more training under her belt and a real desire to beat Cynara she was ready to take on the amazon once again. Tilly was trained on how to apply […]

CPL-VF-66 Maxxi’s First Fem Fem Facesitting

Maxxi is an absolutely gorgeous girl with her tanned body, long blonde hair and her feisty attitude. She is challenged by Bella in a facesitting match, that she happily accepts. Even as they face off, Maxxi’s face is filled with sheer confidence, with Bella figuring […]

KOA-0123- Age Gap Showdown

Kristie Etzold was faced with a much younger opponent today, Bella. Kristie is bigger and weighs more than Bella, but Bella was destined to take out Kristie. Kristie is actually blown away when they begin and Bella traps Kristie in a forward headscissor. Bella locks […]

CMX-KG-85 Attack Of The Grappler

Well Bella hits the mats again dressed in her super sexy orange leopard spandex capris and matching orange top, also wearing her under armor grappling shoes. Chadam was not expecting the level of punishment Bella was ready to dish out him in this clip. Bella […]

KOA-0132 Rosalei’s New Bound Bitch

Mia has a certain love for being obnoxious to her opponents, just to drive her fulfillment of sado masochistic tendencies. She certainly picked the right opponent in this clip as she goes against the tough and sexy Rosalei. They face off and lunge at each […]