SCS-056 Cynara vs. The Israeli Amazon

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I finally met my maker today. Introducing Noya, she towered over me, outweighed me, and quite frankly made me nervous. She was trained in Israeli hand to hand many years ago. I took her on regardless of the outcome. When we started she grabbed me, I instantly was thrown off balance and landed on my back. From what I can remember that is where I pretty much stayed the whole time. Noya knew how to pin and she literally just toyed with me. Her facesitting was painful as she drove her crotch down so hard onto my face I thought my nose was going to shatter. She laughed at my attempts to get out, which I couldn’t no matter what I did. you can see the anger and frustration all over my face the whole match. by the end I just wanted to be done I was finished, tired, sore and humiliated. Noya’s one last brutal facesit finished me off and I gave up.

cplpicsets SCS-056 Cynara vs. The Israeli Amazon

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