SCS-066 The Amazon Domme

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Chadam was in for a good ass kicking today in this match. I looked sexy dressed in my knee high high heeled boots, and black and red miniskirt. I needed a little play toy to abuse, someone that I could just do whatever to, and have no choice but to lay there and take it. chadam certainly did not enjoy being smothered by me, I was mean and cruel, as I pinned his arms down digging the pointy part of my heel into his hands or arms. Looking down into his face as he winces in pain, just made me laugh. I sat on him on reverse, ramming my ass into his face as well, and just overall abused him. He stood no chance against me, or escaping, but watching him try was amusing. Since I had enough of him now, my fun was over. I made him verbally submit to me, then for my ending, made him kiss my boots, like the little bitch he was.


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