CPL-STS-011 Spandex Humiliatrix

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Aubrey who is the lightweight champion here likes to prove why that title belongs to her. Aubrey is fearless, ruthless, unforgiving and LOVES to punish victims, male or female. Chadam is in the for the ride of his life in this clip as Aubrey steps onto the mats in her skin tight spandex pants and sports bra. Facing off, Aubrey catches chadam by surprise swiping his leg out from under him making him fall to the mats. Aubrey was already on top of him, in a reverse schoolgirlpin/facesit. She slaps and punches his stomach, then looks back and delivers quite a few slaps to his head and face. Already chadam is in a bad spot, Aubrey pushes her ass against his chin so hard he screams out in dire pain. Aubey bounces on his face, does a north south choke and smother, then sits back up and jumps more on his face. Aubrey then gets up grabbing him by the hair and face, gets behind him and locks on a rear naked choke. His face turns a bitter red, his eyes filled with terror and fear. She keeps the rear naked choke locked on for a bit before changing positions. Aubrey slams down on him in a pin, then administers a crushing full weight facesit. Chadam is left breathless as he struggles and fights under his smaller dominant female ruler. She pulls his head up into a tight scissor while sitting on him, and threatens to spit in his face. Aubrey rips up his shirt and torments him pulling his hair twisting his nipple. Then Aubrey stands up and begins to trample him. she jumps on his stomach and chest, laughing at him the whole time, her smile shows that she enjoyed making him suffer. She stomps on him repeatedly, and you can clearly hear the thuds when she lands. After jumping all over him, she does a flying schoolgirl pin. Yes you have to see it. She lands perfectly on his throat. Aubrey shuts him up for a bit with some great facesitting, then she spits on the mats. She rubs his head in it, spits a few more times and rubs his face all in it. She proceeds with forward and reverse facesits, and in reverse she rips out his stomach hair as he screams into her ass which his face is buried in. Aubrey lays down in reverse and does a north south choke as she rams her crotch into his throat with such force he can barely take it. Aubrey continues her torturous rampage, using her knees to knee him in the head while grinding down on his biceps. This girl is ruthless as she taunts and humiliates chadam. The problem is, he keeps taunting her and laughing at her, which causes Aubrey to become even more mean now. Picking him up off the mats, she says to him ” come here I want to show you something”. She grabs him by the hair and spits on the mats again, this time rubbing his face and mouth all in it. That should teach him a lesson to open his mouth to her. She carries on with dominating him, using forward and reverse facesits, headscissors in which she slaps his face until he calmed down. Her ruthless behavior is something to witness, slapping his stomach, bounding on his face in reverse and so on. Her reverse facesit practically drove his nose into his own brain that’s how hard she was pressing.Aubrey then goes for her insanely tight reverse figure four smothering scissor. This scissor is terrifying, his nose jammed in her ass, and you can hear him choking, literally from her squeezing. With a few more scissors and facesits her forward facesit was the ultimate finisher as he quit the match. Just when chadam thought Aubrey was being nice helping him up after the match, she tells him to sit against the wall, he was having difficulty getting up from being dizzy. As he was propped against the wall she takes his arms and slams her ass into his face doing a stinkface. You can see how hard she was pressing as the actual wall was caving in from so much force. Obviously chadam could not fight his way out of this and she actually puts him out. Watch at the end his face was sheer white from her pressing so hard on his face, as he falls to the mats. she shoves him over the rest of the way, and stands on top of him with a perfect victory pose over his now limp body. She flexes her biceps showing her true superior power saying “Aubrey is the fucking winner”. WOW. Is all we have to say. This 18 year old is out for inflicting non remorseful punishment.


cplpicsets CPL-STS-011 Spandex Humiliatrix


2 thoughts on “CPL-STS-011 Spandex Humiliatrix”

  1. i could watch her wrestle and dominate victims all day, and i would volunteer to be one myself, i would love to be ko`ed in her fig 4 reverse headscissor.

  2. I have to say I am not a fan of pants but on Aubrey this is exeption. I like how she is so mean and even jumps on this guy. her smothering is best in every way she does it. perfect ass for smothering. she enjoy facesitting and being cruel with it. team aubrey!!!

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