KOA-0155 Arianne Humiliates Zoe

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Here is Zoe’s very first fem fem match and she takes on the rough and rugged Arianne. Zoe is quite confident coming into this that she can beat Arianne. Arianne can be passive aggressive, straight aggressive, or just toy with her opponents. She certainly enjoys dominating and humiliating her opponents in any fashion just for pleasure. As they face on another on the mats, Arianne has an over confident yet smug look on her face waiting for the count. When they lock up, Zoe exerted a little more power than what Arianne had expected. They tumble to the mats, and Zoe gets the upper hand and pins Arianne down. Now Arianne was not expecting this to happen at all, as Zoe makes her way up and facesits her now. Zoe was driven to win, and showed very little mercy on Arianne with her facesitting. Zoe was destined to break Arianne down quickly so she could defeat her. When Arianne tapped, Zoe lifted up then went right back down on her face again. Zoe looked down into Arianne’s face that was trapped in her thighs, under her pussy watching her struggle for air, almost enjoying the scene. Arianne rocked back and fourth trying to dislodge Zoe, but it was not working. Zoe was much stronger than she looked which now has Arianne in trouble. Zoe manages to keep Arianne pinned in a forward facesit for quite some time before she flipped into reverse. Zoe rams her ass down onto Arianne’s face, as she glances over her shoulder to see it buried in her ass now. Arianne gets punished with loads of reverse facesits, Zoe in total control now. Zoe spins back into forward, jumping directly back onto Arianne’s face smothering her. If Arianne doesn’t escape she may just lose this whole match. Arianne fearing the worst, uses all her might and energy to unseat Zoe, and it work. She threw her completely off balance and off of her. Before Zoe could react as she was caught off guard, Arianne was already on top of her pinning her down. Arianne slides up onto Zoe’s face and says “here got some of this in your face bitch” and slams her pussy down onto her face. Arianne does the quick up and down with each tap making Zoe breathe quite hard. Arianne looks down and says “not so tough now are you”, as Zoe struggles beneath her. This is the first time Zoe has ever been facesat, and clearly it’s wearing her down. Arianne spouts out “so your a new person, have some new pussy in your face”. Arianne makes it viably clear who is in charge now. Zoe looks up between facesits and calls Arianne a bitch, so Arianne retorted back by saying “well that’s what all the girls call me, and shoves her pussy back into Zoe’s face and says then”do you like it?” when Zoe tapped, she says back to Arianne ” yeah a little bit”. So Arianne said “by the end of this you will hate it”. Arianne does a full weight facesit and buries Zoe’s face in her ass and pussy now and shakes it all around gyrating on Zoe’s face. Arianne then turns into reverse and says “here comes the ass now” and plants in on zoe’s face shaking it on it. Arianne gets extreme pleasure humiliating girls, especially newbies. Zoe was pretty much out of breath and energy, as Arianne’s facesitting onslaught was too much for her to handle. As Arianne maneuvers herself back to forward, she lays down on Zoe and smashes her tits in Zoe’s face, giving her the whole package deal of smothering now. Humiliated and totally dominated by Arianne, Zoe was exhausted.  Arianne sits back up and right before she facesits Zoe she said “i think it’s time for you to go to sleep bitch” and covers Zoe’s face in her pussy. Zoe taps out wanting air, but Arianne just stayed mounted on her face, waiting. Zoe kicked and squirmed but was unable to get Arianne off in time, and she ends up slipping away beneath her. As Arianne gets off Zoe’s face, she grabbed her arm lifted and watched it drop, as Zoe quickly came to quite confused. Arianne poses and says “i won, bitch” Zoe laying under her trying to catch her own breath. 


cplpicsets KOA-0155 Arianne Humiliates Zoe


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