KOA-0136 Hard Lesson Learned

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Arianne and Cynara were working out on the mats and Cynara was getting agitated waiting for Arianne to finish. An argument ensued and Cynara called Arianne a bitch. Well that set her off and Arianne jumps up to attack Cynara. That backfired as Cynara latches on to her and bring her to the mats, trapping her in a body scissor. Yelping in pain, Arianne taps to Cynara’s body scissor, as Cynara continues to dominate her. The banter teasing and insults go back and fourth as Cynara continually captures Arianne in face sits, head scissors and more. Arianne has to put up with Cynara’s brutal behavior as she torments her and Cynara was showing no signs of letting up. Using full weight body presses she crushes Arianne beneath her, then flips her over and gets her into a rear naked choke / body scissor combo. As she slowly applies the pressure Arianne squeals in pain trying to break free, and one point chokes and almost goes out.  Without hesitation Cynara gets Arianne face down on the mats and applies a head scissor that Arianne could not get out of.  

Cynara then gets on top of Arianne’s back sitting on it, and she grabs both of her arms and pulls back hard. To make things even worse, Cynara grabs Arianne’s legs and tucks them under her arms, and locks them in place. Arianne squirmed to break free and you can see and hear the pain in her face from this. After punishing her with that, Cynara moves up above her head, and rolls her into a scissor. Arianne’s head was now engulfed in Cynara’s amazonian thighs crushing it. Arianne wiggles violently hoping to pry her legs apart. To her surprise Cynara rapidly moves into a reverse face sit now. Arianne was getting seriously upset at being dominated, and with all her might pushes Cynara off. Making a quick break for it,

Arianne jumps on top of the amazon pinning and face sitting her, trying to catch her breath. After a few good face sit taps, Arianne rolls to her back with Cynara’s head trapped in her thighs. She applied a kick ass scissor making Cynara cringe in pain. But Arianne became too over confident  and cocky, after holding Cynara in scissors, straight leg, and front figure fours, Cynara breaks free. Jumping back on top again, Cynara makes Arianne tap a few times then says “maybe it will be easier to drag you out of here if your already knocked out”. Slamming back down onto Arianne’s face now she holds the face sit until Arianne stops moving, ignoring all her taps. Once she was out, Cynara picks up her limp body, slings Arianne over her shoulder and walks out the door now.

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