CPL-BSS-070 Little White Smother & Scissor Slave

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Arianne is now introduced to CPL’s newest recruit, Velvet. She is a rising black goddess star that is ready to set her mark her and prove herself to the veteran girls. Little does Arianne know, but Velvet gets off on dominating white girls, and she steps onto the mats in a full leather body suit, looking like a hot black dominatrix. Velvet came to play, and she was about to make Arianne her little white bitch. They face off nose to nose and on the count of three, they charge at one another, Arianne losing the take down. Velvet quickly secures her to the mats in a tight schoolgirl pin, as Arianne squirms under her trying to buck Velvet off of her. Angrily Arianne says “fuck you bitch” and Velvet retorts back saying, “no fuck you” and sits on her face to shut her up. Arianne’s muffled cries are blocked, as she taps to get air. Velvet continues to facesit Arianne a few more times, before rolling to her side trapping her in a headscissor now. Velvet stretches her body out, pulling on Arianne’s arm torquing the tension on her as Arianne taps rather quickly. Velvet is staring down at Arianne’s face trapped in her thighs as she applies pressure, enjoying what she sees. Velvet changes it to a figure four, then sits up with Arianne’s head trapped tightly as she cranks her neck making her wince in serious pain. Velvet releases the scissor and goes right for a full weight throat sit, literally crushing the air from Arianne’s lungs, digging deep into her windpipe. she then lifts up and does a full weight facesit, burying her face in her leather covered crotch. Velvet then lets out a sigh of satisfaction as she is getting a bit turned on dominating Arianne now. Velvet uses reverse straight leg scissors to wear down Arianne as her head was trapped tightly in her muscular black thighs, Arianne stood no chance of lasting long in her scissors. Velvet turns up the intensity and uses a figure four rolling onto her side. She pulls Arianne on top of her while in a 69 style scissor now. Velvet has the perfect view of Arianne’s exposed ass right in her face, Arianne face down in Velvet’s crushing scissor. The more pressure Velvet applied, the quicker Arianne was tapping out, and the more Velvet moaned in excitement. Velvet rolls Arianne onto her back, dishes out some reverse facesitting then gets her into a figure four reverse headscissor. Velvet reaches back pulling her foot amping up the pressure, arching her back causing Arianne immense pain. Her face showed exhaustion while Velvet continued to dominate. With loads more various scissors, Velvet was in complete control over Arianne, making her her bitch now, as Arianne could not escape, nor do much to protect herself. Velvet was ruthless and relentless with her moves with no mercy in sight. Poor Arianne was being squeezed and smothered in multiple ways and was just plain old wore out. With a seated scissor facesit, Velvet had Arianne right where she wanted her. When Arianne tapped for air, Velvet just ignored her, and allowed Arianne to tap and squirm all she wanted until she just stopped moving. Velvet got off Arianne, and rolled her onto her stomach, grabbed some ropes and began tying her wrists. That is when Arianne came to, gasping and confused, while Velvet continued to tie her up. I guess Velvet had accused Arianne of messing around with her boyfriend, hence why she was so mean and unforgiving to her. Arianne had no idea what she was talking about, and Velvet completed hog tying Arianne. As she was finished she said ” you won’t ever fuck with me again”, Arianne still laying there all confused. Velvet then said “you can stay like this” as she sat behind Arianne with a very mean look on her face, one that meant business. Don’t mess with Velvet.

cplpicsets CPL-BSS-070 Little White Smother & Scissor Slave


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  1. CPL-BSS-070 Little White Smother & Scissor Slave

    Arianne and Velvet faced off on the mat, the first one had really no chance to breath; Velvet looks like a fierly Amazon and, in her black leather, she dominated in every way the opponent using her long and strong assolutamente and legs. She facesitted on Arianne face, making a straight contact with the girl, letting her complaining, she applied scissors flexing like a ninja, using hair pulling in various angolations to make Arianne tap many many times. Her feet, one time, dangerously posed on the face of Arianne during a reverse facesit just to underline the power of the winning girl of the match, Velvet.

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