CPL-VMM-44 The Massive Mismatch

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Full Video: 12 Minutes
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Published: 2019-08-09
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1x1-pixel CPL-VMM-44  The Massive Mismatch
1x1-pixel CPL-VMM-44  The Massive Mismatch
1x1-pixel CPL-VMM-44  The Massive Mismatch

CPL-VMM-44 The Massive Mismatch  Arianne has faced Destiny before but that was when she was just a beginner. Now they face off again, this time Destiny was counting on beating the more skilled wrestler. Destiny outweighs Arianne by double, and will use all of it against Arianne. It was not long before Destiny plowed Arianne down to the mats then mounting her. You can hear Arianne struggle beneath Destiny’s weight all to the delight of Destiny. Punishment ensues throughout the whole clip as Arianne finds herself trapped. When Destiny applied side head scissors Arianne was lost in Destiny’s thick thighs. Destiny also dominated Arianne with forward and reverse facesits. Gasping each time she tapped, Arianne was clearly feeling the effect of Destiny’s weight on top of her. Destiny was gleaming with joy as she humiliated her smaller opponent, keeping her pinned watching her squirm uselessly under her. Arianne could not escape AT ALL from Destiny’s facesitting, headscissors and face swallowing reverse facesits.  Arianne was completely exhausted, crushed and weak from Destiny’s torment. All Arianne could do was quit the match, as Destiny gloats happily with her “huge” win over Arianne.



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