CPL-MVR-5 The Sexy Facesitters

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Full Video: 13 Minutes
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CPL-MVR-5 The Sexy Facesitters  This clips features the sexy Sarah Brooke against tough girl Arianne. It almost seemed right from the start there was some sexual tension in the air as they prepared to face off. Sarah steps out in a small pink micro see thru thong and topless, while Arianne had small ass hugging bootie shorts on. They begin and the battle is on. They certainly have a lot of trash talking and banter going back and fourth while they dominate one another.  Sarah is able to get on quite a few very sexy facesits, while Arianne certainly does the same right back. the action is good with each girl gaining taps from both forward and reverse facesits. But it looks as though Arianne starts to dominate more, breaking Sarah down. they would both grind on each others faces in facesits and Arianne even twerks on Sarah’s face in reverse grinding her ass down burying Sarah’s face in her shapely ass.  Sarah’s struggles became futile as Arianne takes over and dominates using her ass to finish off Sarah. This was a humiliating loss for tough girl Sarah, but Arianne’s ass proved to be just too much to handle.



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  1. Best one on the site, in my opinion. Arianne should get purposely super sweaty before facesitting. I’d pay money for a custom clip like that.

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