KOA-0134 Arianne’s Erotic Punishment

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Sarah and Arianne go head to head in this kick ass clip. Arianne is tough, but had a much more submissive demeanor facing off against Sarah. In fact, we think there was some sort of sexual attraction there, and Sarah seemed to pick up on it rather quickly. Sarah was now out to hurt, and arouse Arianne at the same time. When they lock up both hit the mats with Arianne trying to secure a headlock on Sarah while she is on top. Easily escaping, Sarah puts Arianne in a grapevine pin, spreading her legs super wide apart, and starts dangling her tits in Arianne’s face. She breast smothers her, verbally taunting her, then rubs Arianne’s tots saying “oh you have a nice pair too”, and continues to smother her.  Sarah sits up, mounts Arianne’s face, sits on it and then says” ohh how’s you like the smell, my scnet, I know it turns you on”, and there is minimal fighting back now from Arianne. We have never seen her this submissive before as Sarah completely takes full control over her sexually teasing and dominating her, facesitting her and rubbing her tits. Arianne taps as Sarah lifts up she says ” I want to sit harder now, so my clit is right on your nose” then drops back down, moaning. After a few taps, Sarah turns into reverse and traps Arianne in a tight headscissor, saying “I love this position”, and squeezes Arianne while groping and feeling her pussy, then caressing her thighs, keeping the scissor locked on.

Sarah goes back and fourth from headscissors to forward and reverse facesits, all the while feeling up Arianne. Arianne says stop touching me, but you can clearly see she enjoying it a little too much. Sarah snaps on headscissors and squeezes rather hard forcing Arianne to tap quite a bit. Sarah certainly knows how to dominate a woman, as she pours on the pain, and pleasure to Arianne simultaneously. Sarah gets behind Arianne, puts on a bodyscissor, and grabs Arianne’s tits again, saying “I can do whatever I want with you, you can’t get away”.  Sarah rolls Arianne to her back, slides up in to a facesit, and says ” you definitely turn me on, you can probably smell that right now” as she presses down harder. With loads more headscissors, and facesitting, we wonder just how far Sarah will go with her new found little sex toy.

Sarah plants both of her feet on either side of Arianne’s head now and sits full weight on her face, riding it, and says ” I want you to want me, I’m so turned on right now” continuing to ride Arianne’s face. With another painful headscissor, Sarah moves back into the facesit position. She looks down at Arianne and says ” I’m not getting off until you tell me you want me” as Arianne now struggles for much needed air. Having no choice she taps, and says “ok, ok I want you” and submits to her topless dominatrix. Sarah still was not finished and sits back down on Arianne’s face, enjoying it all too much, and continues to literally get off on it, until Arianne actually goes  out, forgetting she was even needing to breathe. Sarah strikes a muscle flex pose, biting her bottom lip, knowing all too well Arianne enjoyed that face ride into dreamland.

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