STS-003 Destiny The Destroyer

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1x1-pixel STS-003 Destiny The Destroyer
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1x1-pixel STS-003 Destiny The Destroyer
1x1-pixel STS-003 Destiny The Destroyer

We now introduce another BBW to our line up, Destiny. She weighs in at a hefty 245 lbs and stands roughly 5’6. In this match she faces Arianne, who is well versed on the mats and always up for a “big” challenge. Once Destiny laid eyes on Arianne, even without much training was sure she was going to beat her. Sam behind the camera counts them down, and without hesitation, Destiny grabs Arianne and using her weight and brute strength whips Arianne down. Using her weight to keep Arianne pinned, Destiny gets up and puts Arianne into a schoolgirl pin. Once she was secure, Destiny slides up and sits on her face. Arianne tries to struggle but being trapped under all that she could not budge. As Arianne taps, Destiny lifts up, gives her air then goes back down again. It wasn’t long before Arianne could feel Destiny’s weight taking a toll on her, very early into the match. Destiny stays low, and turns around getting into reverse now. Positioning herself holding Arianne’s arms she sits back and her big ass swallows Arianne’s face as she is suffocated in Destiny’s bright shiny silver bottoms. Arianne felt Destiny leaning forward as she facesat her, and decided to bring her legs up. As she did that she caught Destiny with a headscissor and managed to roll her off. Arianne ended up rolling on top having Destiny in a reverse headscissor. Destiny taps rather quick as Arianne squeezes, since she has never been headscissored before. Now Arianne sits up and pays Destiny back with her own reverse facesit. Destiny struggles hard, as Arianne taunts her Destiny says ” you wait, I’m going to get you back”. Arianne sits back down to shut her up and facesits her more. Destiny manages to bring her legs up and catch an unsuspecting Arianne in a headscissor and easily rolls her off. Destiny has Arianne’s head trapped between her tree truck sized thighs in a reverse straight leg headscissor. As Destiny squeezes she says ” How do you like that huh”. Arianne tries to respond back by saying “fuck you bitch” but before she could say it, Destiny squeezes tighter making Arianne’s screams inaudible. After Destiny was finished squeezing Arianne she sits back up into a reverse facesit, buries Arianne’s face in her ass, shaking and gyrating, merely humiliating Arianne now. Destiny keeps the reverse smother on, as Arianne struggles to break free, as she gasps for air with each tap. Totally pinned and trapped, Destiny turns back into forward catching Arianne in a rolling headscissor. Now laying on her side, Destiny has the upper hand squeezing Arianne as she verbally taunts and humiliates her. It was no work at all for Destiny to make Arianne tap with her head stuck in her massive thighs. Arianne seemed to be getting weaker as Destiny rolls Arianne onto her back and launches another facesit assault. Destiny thought she would try and give Arianne a chance to escape and leans to one side, not knowing that Arianne would actually escape. Destiny hits the mats as Arianne locks on a grapevine breast smother. Destiny now fighting for air, taps quite a few times in the breast smother, then Arianne jumps up directly into a facesit. Now destiny is struggling under her much smaller opponent looking for a way out. Arianne moves into a full weight facesit, slamming her ass and pussy into Destiny’s face. Since Destiny can’t hold her breath long, Arianne gets quite a few taps from her. Then Arianne switches to a knotted tight figure four scissor that has Destiny really squirming around. Destiny’s face starts turning red from the pressure. Arianne went to transition into another hold, but with brute strength, Destiny fights her way back on top over taking Arianne. Destiny wasted no time in getting into a facesit, as she is able to now catch her breath, while taking Arianne’s away from her. Feeling not much resistance from Arianne, Destiny decides to go back into reverse. Using her best “ass”set she smothers Arianne with her huge bootie again. This time she shakes and twerks all over Arianne’s face, lifting up and slamming back down over and over. Destiny makes another bad move, and leans forward again as she was re positioning herself and Arianne catches her around the waist with her legs. Destiny crashes to the mats, and Arianne shockingly was able to get a body scissor on Destiny. Squeezing hard Destiny yelps in pain as she taps from it. Rolling Destiny to her back, Arianne mounts her in a reverse facesit now. Arianne obviously still has energy left in her as she pummels Destiny with reverse facesit smothering. Destiny grabs Arianne’s ass trying to push her off, but that failed. Arianne moves into forward, and gets Destiny’s face buried in her pussy, the outline of Destiny’s nose was all you could see in Arianne’s shiny purple shorts. Arianne wiggles and shakes her pussy in Destiny’s face, but on doing so, Destiny manages to throw Arianne off her. Not wanting to suffer any more Destiny moves into a schoolgirl pin, then facesit. She then say to Arianne “you want to do that to me, well I’m going to do it to you”. She then gyrates and grinds her pussy all over Arianne’s face massively humiliating her while she enjoys every second of doing it. Looking down Destiny says ” oh you like that pussy do you” and continues to grind on Arianne’s face while smothering her. Arianne begins tapping, but Destiny continues to gyrate and dominate Arianne, forgetting she was smothering her.  Arianne then actually goes out, Destiny picks up her arm off the mat, and it falls back down. Destiny then says ” I think I won”, Sam behind the camera says “I think you knocked her out” as Destiny flexes over a limp Arianne. What a perfect victory for new comer Destiny, who rode Arianne’s face into literal submission, putting her out as well.  

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  1. Excellent, but I really prefer long 20 count, front or reverse Sgpin.
    With bbw vs skinny and BBW WINNING ! ( one sided match)

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