CPL-CFM-34 Tell Me You Love It

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Mia and Arianne are set for quite an interesting match. Now that Mia has been out of the game for awhile she is somewhat rusty, and has packed on some weight. Arianne knows that she rules the mats, and is rather cocky about it. Little does Arianne know, Mia is craving a win so badly, she will stop at nothing to get it. their take down was intense as both grab for each others hair trying to rip it out of one another’s head. They slam to the mats, fingers entangled in hair, as Mia slowly works her way on top of Arianne.
They both begin to slap each other, and Arianne grabs Mia’s tits and squeezes them. This is now turning more into a catfight than a wrestling match, as Mia bounces on Arianne’s chest grabs her head by the hair and slams in repeatedly on the mats. Now Arianne reaches behind Mia grabbing her bikini bottom and giving her an excruciatingly painful wedgie. they continue to trade slaps, Mia still keeping Arianne pinned, as she grabs her tits multiple times and they trash talk each other. Now the slaps are becoming more aggressive, as Arianne is now becoming frustrated being stuck under Mia.
Five minutes into the match, Mia’s breasts are exposed, and you can clearly see the red marks all over her from Arianne’s vicious slaps. they were both feeling the effects of the slaps, Arianne more so than Mia. Mia grabs Arianne by the hair as she is literally sitting on her face, and tells her to scream into her pussy, she likes the vibration, and slaps Arianne a few more times to get some good howling screams out of her. Looking down now Mia taunts Arianne by saying ” what are you going to do now you fuckin little bitch” as the slaps start to really sting and are painful now. Mia rolls to her side trapping Arianne in a headscissor, and Arianne is soo mad she is able to escape. They trade slaps so loud its cringe worthy. Unfortunately for Arianne Mia was more powerful, and in their scuffle Mia literally throws Arianne half way across the mats.
As Arianne recovers from the throw, Mia climbs back on top once again pinning her down. Shouting out now “is that all you can do is sit on me” yells a frustrated Arianne. Mia reaches back and grabs Arianne’s underwear giving her a massive front wedgie as Mia is loving this she says “beg me to stop”. Arianne is in so much pain she decides to slap Mia which angers her. Mia then says ” i want you to beg me to stop, not slap me you idiot”, as she continues to pull on her underwear causing it to go right into her pussy. Arianne is nearly in tears now. Practically blacking out, Arianne escapes but Mia slams her back down again. Now Arianne is full on mad now as she reaches her legs up from behind catching Mia and tossing her off. It isn’t hard to tell emotions are running high as Arianne jumps on Mia, then slams her pussy into her face.
Now Arianne gets a little payback, reaching back giving Mia a front wedgie while smothering her. Then Arianne leans down and bites Mia’s tits a few times, slaps her in the face, delivers loads of facesitting and front wedgies. Mia then loses her bikini bottoms, Arianne picks them up and whips Mia with them. As Mia tries to grab them, Arianne whips and slaps her with rage and animosity. Mia escapes from under her, now the tables get turned Mia on top as they both grab and yank each others hair. Mia slams Arianne’s head on the mat then slides up. Mia says to her” you fought to get my bottoms off, now you can fucking eat it”. Sliding right up Mia now facesits Arianne naked. As she sits on her face Arianne begins to panic. Then Mia asks her “are you getting turned on yet?” then starts to play with Arianne’s boobs while still facesitting her. Now Arianne shared a little secret with Mia before the match and told her that she gets turned on by being facesat.
So now Mia uses that to her advantage barely giving Arianne an opportunity to catch her breath between taps. Arianne finally admits to Mia she is turned on, then Mia says “tell me you like my pussy”. Between breaths Arianne admits that she likes her pussy. She tried to quit, but the camera person grabbed a pair of handcuffs and gave them to Mia. Now Mia handcuffs Arianne’s wrists together as her arms were high above her head, then Mia continues with the facesitting. Now Mia was not going to get off her face until Arianne admitted that she loves her pussy. Finally Arianne submits, admits to loving her pussy, while Mia flexes saying “finally, I fucking win against you”. Mia was proud of beating Arianne, while Arianne was still trapped under her moaning in complete defeat.

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  1. shame by this point Mia was so large, you cant really see her pussy on arianne’s face due to Mia’s big belly, shame, do you have any more videos of Arianne being facesat with bare pussy or Aubrey having the same fate??

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