CMX-XD-88 The Flirty Facesitter

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Katarina has a little crush on chadam and throughout this clip you can really tell that. She enjoys dominating him with facesitting, and he finds himself trapped beneath her for alot of the match. There is some banter between them, and a few times she mounts his face, and gyrates and rides it, all the while smiling and enjoying it. Chadam manages to escape, and get Katarina down now, as he gets her into a reverse sort off pin. As she tries to escape she grabs his dick, thinking that will make him get off but he just rams his junk into her face. She also tries to bite him too. Katarina struggles hard to get back on top, she even gets him into a few cross body pins, making him tap. Dressed in only a tiny thong she gets chadam into a reverse facesit, shakes her ass in his face and trash talks him. For the remainder of the match, Katarina pins him in a forward facesit, and does not get off his face until he finally gives up, declaring her the winner. She was quite proud of her accomplishment, and certainly enjoyed humiliating chadam.

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