CPL-SYJ-12 When Ariel Attacks

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CPL-SYJ-12 When Ariel Attacks   Melody is fairly strong and skilled, but Ariel is a red headed powerhouse. Melody pounced on Ariel in the beginning, pinning her down, but her victory was short lived as Ariel managed to escape. Once Ariel got on top it was nothing but sheer punishment for Melody.

Ariel uses forward and reverse facesits, full weight facesits and even nearly dislocates Melody’s arms in one pin. Ariel showed no mercy, as she continually dominated Melody, who was unable to escape from beneath Ariel. Exhausted and out of breath, Melody finally gives up after Ariel lets her come up for air, after lifting her ass off her face. Ariel looks back at her beaten foe on the mats and raises her arms flexing in total victory.

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