CPL-MBS-01 Melody vs Mia

Category:  Female Wrestling
Wrestlers: ,

Full Video: 13 Minutes
Members Clip: 13 Minutes
Published: 2020-05-21
Price Download Only: $13.99: USD

1x1-pixel CPL-MBS-01 Melody vs Mia
1x1-pixel CPL-MBS-01 Melody vs Mia
1x1-pixel CPL-MBS-01 Melody vs Mia

CPL-MBS-01 Melody vs Mia  This match pits two girls of almost same height and weight together. Mia and Melody have had some intense battles in the past, and it still carries on. As a good back and fourth match, they each utilize many holds, such as facesitting, headscissors, rear naked chokes and more. Melody even breaks a sweat the match got that intense. Each girl pours out all they have into this, and one girl comes out with a victorious facesit submission.

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