CPL-SBB-9 Sarah’s New Smother Seat

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Sam was just relaxing in the hotel between shoots then Sarah walks in. Dressed in a sexy black leather thong and top, she taunts Sam saying she will give her $100 if she would just let her sit all over her face. Sam said sure, but asked “your going to give me air when I want it right”? Sarah looks at her with an evil grin and says “of course, sure I will”.  Since Sam was already on the couch just reading, Sarah steps over her and immediately sits in reverse. It was all joy for Sara as she gets nice and comfortable on Sam’s face. She spends lots of time keeping Sam’s face buried in her ass, sometimes teasing and verbally humiliating her. Sarah turns around in forward, looking down at Sam while she buries her face in her thong clad pussy now. Sarah was taking great delight in using Sam’s face as her new found seat. when Sam lightly tapped for air, Sarah would sexily raise herself up, then slowly back down onto Sam’s face. It was almost as if Sarah was flirting with her. Sarah proceeded to sit side saddle for a bit just to change things up. Now Sarah changes her position on her seat again and goes into forward. She could tell that Sam was becoming tired and wore out from the air deprivation, but Sarah had another idea. when Sam was tapping, Sarah waited just a few extra seconds then lifted. Sam calls her a cheater and gets upset as she catches her breath. Sarah lowers herself down again for the last time, and when Sam tapped Sarah stayed on her face. Sam goes into slight panic mode, tapping waiting for Sarah to get off. Instead, Sam ended up just getting KO’d under her. Sarah looked down, seeing Sam was out, crawls on her in reverse leans over and picks up the money. she waved it in Sam’s face, saying “oh by the way, I’m gonna take this back now”. Sarah just looks up gets off Sam, says something to her then walks out of the room. Looks like Sarah got a 2 for 1 deal in this clip, maybe next time Sam. 


cplpicsets CPL-SBB-9 Sarah's New Smother Seat

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