CMX-MXR-03 The Wrestling Queen

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CMX-MXR-03 The Wrestling Queen  Chris was all fired up today ready to take on tough girl Arianne. Well let’s just say that Chris gave Arianne for the first time, a run for her money. She really had to struggle in this clip to get Chris to submit. There were a few times that we thought Chris was going to make Arianne tap out, but she held on and escaped. He managed to get her into a few schoolgirl pins and tried to facesit her, but she narrowly avoided tapping out. Arianne made a good recovery, smashing his face with facesitting, and crushing his head in her thighs with tight headscissors. Using a few grapevine pins she managed to keep him secured to the mats, and breast smothered him into submission. Chris tried for a rear naked choke, and even body scissors, but he just was not strong enough to get Arianne to tap out. You can tell that each time she escaped he was disappointed. Chris was running out of steam, and breath, and that is when Arianne completely took over and dominated, finishing Chris off once and for all with a brutal facesit submission.

cplpicsets CMX-MXR-03 The Wrestling Queen


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  1. This was a really good video, I thought for sure Chris was going to over power Arianne at some points of the video, but Arianne is just too strong and skilled for the skinny guy. Chris needs a bit more training and he would be quite the challenge on the mats.

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