CPL-STS-026 Spandex Alpha Fems

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Kiera and Eve face off in this battle of superiority. Both girls are agile and tough, and Kiera is quite the alpha female, she does not like to lose, at all. Eve is powerful and can dish out punishment when need be. Kiera outweighs Eve by close to 25 lbs and has a few inches of height on her as well. It was apparent that Kiera wanted this win as she topples Eve and pins her in a facesit. Eve musters up some strength and after a few taps she escapes and turns the tables on Kiera. Pinning her down now she unloads with smothering facesits. Since Kiera was resisting, Eve was having difficulty keeping her pinned, so she quickly resorts to a a rolling figure four headscissor. Eve holds on for dear life as Kiera continues to fight, and gets to her feet with Eve’s legs still around her neck.

Now Eve was in a compromising position as Kiera unlocks Eve’s legs and folds her in half then sits on her. Pushing up with all her strength Eve breaks free, during their scuffle, Kiera jumps back on top in control. Rolling to her side trapping Eve in a head scissor, Eve does what she can to escape, while Kiera does what she can to keep her subdued. Breaking free, they both end up standing and fight to put one another down again.

This time Eve whips Kiera to the mats quickly securing a grapevine. she slides up putting Kiera’s arms above her head and goes for the facesit. Kiera was getting more frustrated now and fights hard to get out. Kiera lifts her legs up and catches Eve making her fall back. They now scramble for position, Kiera getting Eve down in a pin and uses a hand over mouth smother. Eve fights hard and gets out, with both getting to their feet again. Eve gets inside and grabs Kiera’s legs sweeping her up in the air slamming her to the mats. Kiera is quick to lock her legs around Eve, and takes control from the bottom.

Things heat up as they go back and fourth, Kiera using head scissors, a rear naked choke with hand over mouth smothering, all to try and wear down the tough Eve. Kiera started dominating Eve more now, as she punishes her with hand over mouth smothering, and facesits. Kiera locks down Eve in an inescapable schoolgirl pin choke, and Eve fought till the very end to get out, but was unsuccessful, and had to concede this match to her stronger opponent. This match was action packed from start to finish, clearly showing that neither girl wanted to give in to the other.


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