CPL-HVP-07 Your My Prisoner Now

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Harley was about to take on Arianne who was dressed in her full Gi outfit. Arianne has some impressive skills on the mats but Harley never shys away from a good challenge. They start on their feet in this clip, and that gave Arianne a good vantage point as she grabbed Harley and does a jiu jitsu hip  toss, slamming Harley to the mats. Arianne lays down and quickly applies an arm bar as Harley tries to spring out of it. As she continues to try and break free, Arianne pulls back on the arm stretching it out to the point Harley tapped from the pain. Still fighting to get out, Arianne pulls Harley’s head into her legs, and cranks on a knotted figure four arm bar now. Harley bucks, squirms, and does what she can to escape, but unfortunately the hold was too tight for her. Arianne continues to crank up the pressure, and uses a straight leg scissor across Harley’s throat and pulls back harder on her arm. Harley is in a predicament, that she is unable to escape from as she fights hard to still break free. To Harley’s surprise, Arianne releases the hold, but now Harley finds herself in a nasty rear naked choke bodyscissor combo. After a few taps from Harley, Arianne switches the hold now into a lotus lock. This hold shoves Harley’s arms into a very painful position, and she even tries to use her feet to bridge out of the hold. Arianne keep the lock on, and rolls Harley onto her stomach, still trapped in the hold. Arianne verbally taunts Harley saying “what are you going to do now huh”, as she pulls up on her arms. Releasing the hold, Arianne stays on her back, pulls her arms back while she tucks her feet under Harley’s chin now. Arianne simply lays backwards pulling on Harley’s arms, and uses her feet to drive her head backwards causing Harley extreme pain. Arianne pulls back a few times as Harley moans out in pain. Letting the hold go, Harley is still writhing in pain, as Arianne now uses a leg lock, arm bar headlock combination turning Harley into a pretzel. Now Harley can’t budge as Arianne cranks on the headlock nearly putting Harley out. Harley was getting upset now that she was trapped and being dominated, her face showing anger now. Arianne puts on a rear naked choke that makes Harley cough and almost put her lights out. Becoming drained, Arianne breaks the hold as Harley tries to get up. Arianne struggling to keep Harley down she pins her and uses a cross legged facesit depriving Harley of air now. Arianne falls to the side and has both Harley’s arms and head trapped in a scissor, Harley letting out cries each time Arianne squeezes. Arianne then sits up and facesits Harley while undoing her gi belt and uses that to tie Harley’s arms together. Now Harley gets punished with facesit after facesit, until Arianne decided to change into a different move. She completely gets off Harley thinking because she is tied she can’t do much, and rolls Harley onto her stomach. As Arianne reaches down to do a rear naked choke, Harley slips out from behind Arianne then tackles her to the mats. In an act of desperation Harley gets on top of Arianne using a grapevine pin and unties her hands quickly. She sits up into a pin and uses hand over mouth smothering on Arianne keeping her arms pinned. As the tables are rapidly turned, Arianne finds herself tied up and under Harley’s crotch being smothered now. Harley delivers some pretty intense hand over mouth smothers that have Arianne literally gasping for air after each tap. Switching from hand over mouth to facesits and pulling her hair, Arianne was deprived of her energy from massive air deprivation. Harley gets Arianne into a seated scissor and dishes out more hand over mouth smothering before switching into a rolling side forward headscissor. Harley turns into reverse, and applies a north south choke pin, before applying a neck crushing tight reverse head scissor. Not even realizing it, Harley had put Arianne out, as she came to in a frantic panic. Harley rolls to her side as Arianne’s head was buried tight in Harley’s thighs. She asks Arianne if she quits, and with a few more squeezes she gives up. But Harley gives her one more really good squeeze as she releases her and poses over her beaten foe. Harley thought for sure she was not going to come back from this match, but she proved to Arianne she can take on even skilled opponents and beat them. 



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