CPL-CLS-083 Facesitting Victory

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CPL-CLS-083 Facesitting Victory    Jaycee the beautiful fitness chick gets fired up to smother the hell out of chadam. Jay-cee is extremely well toned, and very strong, especially in her legs, but she also has no mercy for her victims. Her smothering is brutal, and chadam suffers greatly beneath her. With chadam barely able to catch a breath between smothers, he is almost sent to dreamland.

Most importantly Jaycee enjoys every minute of her face sitting destruction, using superbly tight full weight smothers, reverse nose in the ass smothers, and some intricate smothering techniques trapping his face in her pussy and ass, as only a true dominatrix would. Chadam was left breathless at the end forcing him to quit, almost fading out.



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