CPL-CKA-93 Agathas Facesitting Punishment

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CPL-CKA-93 Agathas Facesitting Punishment  Agatha steps onto the mats ready to seriously punish, humiliate and dominate Bella in ways she has never experienced. Agatha showed Bella absolutely no mercy when it came to facesitting, in fact, Bella was not allowed to tap, if she did Agatha could just ignore it. Bella walked into something she wished she never had. Agatha is quite strong, has powerful thighs, and a mean facesit. Bella had to fight her way out of each and every facesit, all the while Agatha doing what she could to make it impossible for her to do so. With each facesit Agatha delivered, Bella struggled to find small pockets of air, or turn her head sideways to escape. Bella spends the entire match, buried in Agatha’s crotch, fighting for air. As the match goes on and on, Bella was wearing down quickly from the massive air deprivation she was suffering. Bella’s breath holding skills were quite superior, going long periods without any air, but lacking the ability to break free. By the end of the clip, Bella was tapping for air, unable to get out, but Agatha just presses down harder onto her face, and Bella eventually went limp. Agatha lifts off, looks down, then sits back down again on her face. The camera guy had to tell her to stop and get off her, Agatha was ready to go that extra mile to really finish her off.

cplpicsets CPL-CKA-93 Agathas Facesitting Punishment


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  1. I love this clip it would have been even better is the camera man had to get her off as she refused to stop smothering her then she smothered him out and resumed to face sit bella how cool would that have been

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