CPL-CD-09 Cheaters do Win

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CPL-CD-09 Cheaters do Win  Ariel takes on Mia in this clip. Now Mia can handle herself quite well on the mats, but Ariel is feisty and does not back down. Simply put, Ariel punishes Mia in this clip by using loads of smothering facesits, including full weight, to break Mia down and tire her. Ariel is quite flexible and it shows when she also does a splits facesit on Mia a few times. Even though Mia puts up a decent struggle, she still remains captive by Ariel. Not only was she dominated with facesitting, Ariel also uses a bridge reverse facesit, that adds an immense amount of pressure on Mia’s face. Mia found her face seriously rammed into Ariel’s tight muscular ass struggling for air.

Ariel then gets a set of hand cuffs from the camera guy, and Mia was upset as Ariel cuffed her wrists together. Mia was stuck, complaining that it was Chad’s fault that she was losing. After a long forward facesit, Mia decided to give up. But Chad and Ariel had yet another plan, and Chad told Ariel to just put Mia to sleep. Ariel climbs back onto Mia’s face and smothers her until she stopped moving, ending Mia’s humiliation on the mats.

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