CPL-ADC-009 Arianne’s Ass Humiliation

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Well Harley returned to our mats to face Arianne again in hopes of getting at least one win against her. She suffered quite the humiliating loss last time, and was not looking for a repeat. Harley was stretching on the mats and Arianne walks in boasting “so you did come back!!!” and starts to laugh. Harley looked a little nervous and tried to sit up saying ” what you aren’t even going to let me sit up”. Before she could even sit all the way up, Arianne shoves her back down to the mats and pins her in reverse. Looks like this time Harley is going to get a severe dose of Arianne’s ass, as she starts to shake it in Harley’s face. Harley calls her a bitch, then Arianne twerks and facesits her. As she facesits Harley, she wiggles her ass all over Harley’s face, as Harley bucks and squirms beneath Arianne. As Arianne rubs her ass all over Harley’s face she says  “love that ass? Grab that ass then”, making Harley grab her ass. Harley was already panting and out of breath, while Arianne mocks her for it, then tells her to shut up and sits back on her face, calling her a fucking loser. Harley’s moans are muffled in Arianne’s butt cheeks, as her face is buried deep within them. Harley was getting upset once again at being completely humiliated as Arianne dishes out more ass smothering. Arianne then starts to do full weight face squats to Harley, lifting up and down smothering her each time, and rubbing her ass all in Harley’s face. Arianne continues to humiliate Harley with her ass shaking, and grinding down on Harley’s poor face. There was not much Harley could do, but to lay there and take it, and to do what she was told by Arianne. The facesitting probably seemed like an eternity to Harley, as Arianne leans forward and pulls Harley’s face right into her ass. With loads more ass shaking,twerking and face squats, Harley was running out of fight, and her struggling became weakened. Closer to the end, Arianne tells Harley to grab her ass, and asked her how she likes it. Harley responded “I like it very much”. If Harley wanted air she had to grab her ass even harder and even had to kiss it, as she struggled to catch a slight bit of breaths between facesits. With a few more squats, and rubbing her ass even more all over Harley’s face, Arianne stands up and says ” ok I’m done, I had enough of this”, and walks out of the room. Harley is left beaten and totally humiliated on the mats, yet again. We are not sure she will return for her much needed revenge, or will she?

cplpicsets CPL-ADC-009 Arianne's Ass Humiliation


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