CMX-TD-47 Tyler Destroys Chris

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CMX-TD-47 Tyler Destroys Chris  This is the very first time Chris has ever gone against someone so immensely powerful and he was not sure how to take it. Chris is tiny compared to the rippling muscular Tyler Dare. Tyler begins by easily tossing chris to the mats and securing her position on top of him. She literally pins him down with such ease and begins a barrage of non stop facesitting on him. Chris can’t hold his breath all that long, and Tyler certainly liked to test that. Sometimes when he would tap, she would not get off his face bringing him to the edge of panic on multiple occasions. She would also slam her ass down hard onto his chest making him exhale whatever little breath was left in his lungs. Tyler loves to dominate and humiliate men who are much smaller than her, and Chris was yet another victim to get his ass whipped. Tyler’s verbal taunts and bashing were great along with her theatrics of Chris not being able to escape. We are sure there are a few times when Chris was near to go out, but he stayed awake and fought it. No matter how hard he tries to get her off him, his weak attempts failed him miserably. Tyler outweighs Chris and she used that to her advantage the whole time, as Chris spent his entire time on his back being facesat by the strong powerful Tyler. I guess he will rethink about ever wanting a rematch with her. Tyler leaves his scrawny weak ass on the mats as she flexes her muscles proving that woman can, and are capable of easily beating a man. What a showcase performance!!!


cplpicsets CMX-TD-47 Tyler Destroys Chris


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