CMX-GRM-077 Gia Defeats Chris

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CMX-GRM-077 Gia Defeats Chris- Gia takes on Chris on a 3 tap challenge match, where any hold can be used, and once the person taps 3 times, they restart. Now Chris is outweighed heavily by Gia, but he was going to do his best to give this giant a run for her money.  Gia is not nearly as skilled as some of the other CPL girls, but what she lacks in skill she makes up for using just brute strength and her weight. Knowing that she outweighs her smaller skinny male victim, Gia uses a lot of pins and facesitting, which scores her the most points throughout the match. Chris fights back and sometimes gives Gia a hard time, but that does not phase her.


cplpicsets CMX-GRM-077 Gia Defeats Chris


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